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Provide Support From Your Site

If you’re a keen reader of our blog you’ve probably noticed that the “SupportCast” tool that was at the right end side of the blog has been replaced with our new Support Widget.

This new feature is just out of the oven and offers webmasters to provide FixYa’s services from their site.

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Fix the Earth

There’s an interesting post on alternative consumer an environmental blog by Ross Dulmaine.

Today’s consumer environment is a world where “sustainability” and DIY represent all things positive and discard, dispose, and replace are part of Satan’s vernacular. One huge component of sustainability is merely keeping things running and serviceable. No running to the mega-mall to buy little Trevor a new IPod every time his battery dies or buying a new flat panel TV because your remote doesn’t work. It’s time to get that stuff fixed and operational.

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Microsoft bows before Ring of Death A.K.A 3 Red Lights

There has been a lot of fuss during the last year over the reoccurring problems of the Xbox 360 console.
Despite Microsoft‘s continuous denials, unofficial sources claim that almost 30% of the XBOX360 customers have suffered at one stage of a severe system malfunction signaled by 3 Flashing Red Lights.

Long ago Carl26 posted a detailed explanation of how to solve the 3 red lights problem but it was clear for everyone who read it that an immediate action was required by the people at MS offices to compensate the customers.

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iPhone, what can go wrong? (Quite a lot, it seems!)

We’ll the iphone is out and it would seem that the hysteria is only getting worse…

As anticipated, while admiring its unique interface, many find it hard to deal with the avant-garde phone and seek help in order to understand just how to make it work.

Well, iphone help is here! FixYa has been flooded with troubleshooting and support questions about the iPhone and we were delighted to learn that already we have a few iphone experts aboard.

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Enough about us…(Part 1) Let’s hear what the Media has to say about FixYa

Lately we’ve been been receiving a lot of positive attention from the Media and Bloggers. FixYa seems to have captured the imagination of many reporters which found it interesting and useful for their audience.

Here’s a short list of latest posts about FixYa:
After visiting Fixya, Elsa Wenzel from Cnet regrets not finding us sooner. “If only I’d found Fixya sooner!”

Doug Delony from Fox TV compares FixYa to Myspace.

Gizmag labeled us under “Good thinking”.

And just yesterday Roi Carthy of observed that “we technically baffled folk have only to gain from their work.”

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