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Set Your Own Prices in the Marketplace!

FixYa has just launched Phase 1 of our new Marketplace! The Marketplace was designed around you, and puts you in total control of how you make money.

  • Create any type of service based on your expertise
  • Set your own prices, up to $500
  • You choose the service delivery type – email, chat, phone, even in-home
  • You set your listing fee and only pay when you make a sale

You can find out more on our Marketplace page.

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FixYa’s 10K Club is Growing!

Medal sm2011 has been a huge year for FixYa’s Experts and thirteen new Experts have crossed the 10K solution mark. Ten-thousand is a big number for any form of contribution to a site. When you consider that each solution represents a person that our 10K Experts have helped to solve a problem, the contribution is staggering. FixYa is so proud of the amazing Experts who have reached this milestone, and we want to let everyone know who they are:

alicantecoli – 15,049 solutions
alicantecoli has been an Expert since November ’08 and is a talented mechanic with fully 40 years experience
budmrtn – 10,320 solutions
budmrtn has been providing TV support on FixYa since October ’09 and has 30 years in repair in design
geekman – 16,269 solutions
geekman has been helping here since June ’07 and is a semi-retired computer guru who also provide cell phone support
justaskjoe – 10,627
justaskjoe has apprenticeships in carpentry, electrical, plumbing, and woodworking and has been a FixYa Expert since January ‘09
k_akima – 15,782
k_akima has been around since December ’09, was one of the fastest Experts to cross the 10K mark, and is already more than halfway to 20K

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Sony: Hackers May Have Captured PSN Users Personal Info, Credit Card Numbers

PSN Hacked tall2If you thought not being able to play Portal 2 with your friends online was bad, things have just gotten a lot worse.

According to the Sony PlayStation blog, “certain PlayStation Network and Qriocity service user account information was compromised in connection with an illegal and unauthorized intrusion”.

Speaking plainly, hackers have likely obtained personal details for all users registered on PSN, including “name, address (city, state, zip), country, email address, birthdate, PlayStation Network/Qriocity password and login, and handle/PSN online ID.” Sony also states that it “cannot rule out the possibility” that credit card data may have also been captured.

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PlayStation Network Down

psn_10979FixYa is receiving a major influx of questions from distraught gamers. The source of their angst? The Playstation Network is down, and may be offline for as long as the next couple of days. Those two days may seem like an eternity to gamers who are clamoring for answers as to how this happened.

Almost immediately, there was speculation that this was due to the network being hacked by activist group Anonymous, who has been protesting Playstation and had threatened that larger attacks were yet to come. However, according to their posts on Operation Sony’s Facebook page, Anonymous was not responsible for the current outage.

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FixYa Experts on the Disaster in Japan

As stories of tragedy and heroism emerge from the ongoing disaster in Japan, many people are using the internet to make donations supporting the people affected by the earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear threat. Unfortunately, there are a lot of fraudulent charities out there, collecting donations that will not be turned over to the people who need it.

Japan 2One of FixYa’s Experts, kingnite, has posted a helpful Tip for anyone considering making a donation online. Read his advice in Charities to Watch Out For.

The escalating nuclear threat continues to worry everyone, and people here in the US are becoming concerned about their own safety. One such person, daves944, came to FixYa wondering if there was any site that posted the radiation levels in the US, and a FixYa Expert came to his aid. Read his question to find out how you can monitor current radiation levels in various US cities as this crisis continues.

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