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Fixya PRO for Local Businesses

Fixya PRO for Local Businesses was developed to give you the ability to easily connect with customers in your area.

Fixya Local Pro

Be seen when locals need you most with simple, targeted, local listings.
30 million visitors come to Fixya looking for answers. While DIY can solve some problems, a professional like you is usually the best option. We display your listing for free to people in your area who need your services.

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Expert Moderators

Takeoff Tuesday

In this week’s Takeoff Tuesday, we’re excited to announce a new feature for our level 3 experts.

Expert Moderators

On occasion when folks ask their product related questions on Fixya, the product or category assigned to their question is incorrect. This can result in their question not receiving an answer as quickly as possible since the question is not directed to the most relevant category experts.

Starting today, if you’re a level 3 expert you have been given the ability to help moderate and re-categorize these types of questions and get them in front of the right experts who can help.

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Videogame Console Report Released


Today we released our newest Fixya Report. It focuses on three of the most popular gaming consoles in the history of electronics– the Microsoft Xbox One, Sony Playstation 4, and Wii U. All three of these consoles have an extensive library of games, impressive core features, and have the ability to push the envelope of home entertainment in unique and exciting ways.

Unfortunately, all of them also have problems that each and every consumer should be aware of.

The purpose of this report is to provide you with greater clarity before purchasing a next-gen console, or provide you with some clear-to-follow troubleshooting instructions if you have already purchased a consoles and are having issues.

Read the full report by clicking here or by copying and pasting the following URL:

Let us know what you think about the report by leaving us a comment below!

Fixya Test of Time Sedans Report

Today we announced the release of a new report comparing the number of troubleshooting requests for five lines of classic sedans – pitting them head-to-head with data from over 30 million Fixya users to see which car line is the more reliable, and the top problems for each line.

By looking at the top issues with each car, and taking into account all models from the past ten years, the Fixya Test of Time Report seeks to provide clarity to consumers by highlighting the main problems across these five standout vehicles – giving consumers some insight on which cars might wind up having costly repair bills in the long run.

To see the full Fixya Test of Time Report, please visit:

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