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Survey: Fixya Pro helps drive more business

Professional repair-folks, you already knew that Fixya is the best place to provide solutions and help others with their product problems. But did you know that Fixya is also the perfect platform to promote your business?

In a recent survey of Fixya Pros, we found that over half of the respondents reported having had customers from Fixya directly calling them for professional help. Several experts that joined Fixya Pro for Local Business, particularly those that fixed computers and household appliances, mentioned that customers had found their business through their Fixya Pro Ads and the answers they had posted.

Naturally we are super excited to hear that some of our Pros are receiving business through Fixya. Solving our users product problems and driving more business to our Pros have always been our two main goals when creating Fixya Pro for Local Business. (We are actually working on several new features that will help streamline the process for users to connect with our Fixya Pros, but we will get to that in the coming weeks!)

Many of the Pros we talked to also mentioned that Fixya was their favorite platform because it allows them to help people, while also promoting their business specifically to users in their area. Our Fixya Pro Ads (which are completely free) allow you to target your advertising directly to those users in your area that need help with a product problem.

And with our recently launched Local Pro Reviews system, users can now post reviews praising your business for your help. These star-ratings will help rank your business in our directory and show everyone that you are the best expert in your area.

The best part of the Fixya Pro for Local Business, it is entirely free! Just by signing up, you immediately get a free listing and local advertising on a site that attracts over 30 million visitors a month.

Our Fixya Pro for Local Businesses has been growing significantly over the past few months, as more and more local professionals want to promote their business quickly and easily. If you are a local repair business, you can join the hundreds of other Fixya Pros utilizing our free targeted advertising.

Learn more about becoming a Fixya Pro.

FixYa Helps Users Solve Everyday Product Issues with New Video-Based iPhone App

The FixYa video app connects people to its online community of 25 million users and 700,000 experts, so it’s easier to fix anything – from cars to computers to refrigerators – leveraging on-the-go characteristics unique to mobile devices.

San Mateo, Calif. – September 27th, 2012 – FixYa, the largest product Q&A destination in the world with over 25 million users, today announces the availability of the video-powered FixYa iPhone app. This free application leverages the unique power and mobility of smartphones to allow anyone to record a video of their product problem, submit it to the FixYa community to review, and have it solved by a product expert quickly. The FixYa video app allows users to bypass time-consuming call centers or support fees by tapping into FixYa’s troubleshooting community, which has answered 15 million questions across eight million products.

To try the FixYa video app for yourself, visit the iTunes App Store.

Do it yourself with FixYa in just three easy steps:

  • Choose the product category from 36 general groupings.
  • Shoot a video from your smartphone explaining the issue.
  • Receive a response from a FixYa expert on how to solve the issue

FixYa’s video app gives users fast, easy, and free support for product problems with easy-to-follow instructions. With the new video-based app, there’s no more writing out a description of that low-pitched sound the dishwasher is making or weeding through search results to figure out how to get your multi-function printer’s fax machine to work. And because the answers are video, guess work is a thing of the past, as users can now see the solution to their problems and follow right along. With FixYa, users get a tailored solution easily and quickly, bringing the freedom of 24/7 product support, from wherever they are, without sitting on hold for hours on end.

“FixYa has built the world’s leading text-based question and answer site devoted to helping users solve their product problems. Incorporating video on a mobile device brings our service to the next level, making the process of finding solutions both simpler and more engaging,” said FixYa CEO, Yaniv Bensadon. “Our new FixYa app allows users to post their issue without hassle and get easy-to-follow solutions as quickly as possible. We believe this is the future of troubleshooting and customer support.”

FixYa mobile users can choose from 36 product categories, which span from cell phones, to coffee makers, and from cars to motherboards.

To download FixYa’s new mobile app, visit the iTunes App Store.

About FixYa

FixYa is a community based trouble-shooting resource that provides consumer-generated, practical product tips to help consumers solve problems on 8 million products. FixYa is a place where individuals can share real world experiences and connect to provide each other practical advice. From fixing cars, to cameras, to mobile devices, FixYa empowers over 25 million monthly visitors to repair and improve upon products they already own via its website and on mobile devices around the globe. FixYa is a venture-funded company with offices in San Mateo, California.

For more information, visit FixYa, email a question via our contact page, or follow FixYa on Twitter.

FixYa Announces Point Shop For Experts

FixYa is proud to announce the grand opening of the FixYa Point Shop, an online store where experts can convert their points into awesome swag like clothes and electronics.

FixYa branded items include hats, t-shirts, backpacks, hoodies, and jackets, while popular electronic items include JBL Creature III Speakers, Roku 2 XS, and the Kindle Fire. All items are available for users regardless of skill level or time spent on the site.

You can visit the brand new FixYa Point Shop by clicking here.

Other features of the new Point Shop are as follows:

  • Earn points and get items. Answer unsolved questions from FixYa users by signing up for an account and clicking “Answer”. Current users follow the same process.
  • Check your balance. Keep tabs on your Point Shop balance by  going to “My Profile > My Account > Point Shop Balance”. There you will see your redeemable points.
  • Reedemable Points. Redeemable points are all points you have earned on FixYa by solving problems minus the points you have spent on shop purchases. For example: If you’ve earned 3,000 points on FixYa and then purchase a t-shirt worth 2,500 points, you will have 500 redeemable points left to spend.
  • Points are forever. Been solving questions since 2007? You’re in luck. Every point you have earned over your FixYa career can be used to redeem items.
  • Free shipping around the world. No hidden fees or charges. We ship anywhere and everywhere around the world. No matter where you live, the point value of your item will be exactly what you see.
  • Get featured on the blog. Send a picture of you with your FixYa gear to [email protected] and get featured on this very blog as well as our Facebook page. It’s just another way of us thanking you for a job well done.

Visit the FixYa Point Shop by clicking here and get started on earning points.

Your dedication and intelligence is what makes FixYa so special, experts. We can’t wait for you to receive your new gifts.


Recap: FixYa’s Founder and CEO Chats with Experts

YanivBig things are happening at FixYa, including the switch to our new site and the launch of the FixYa Marketplace. Last Thursday FixYa’s founder and CEO, Yaniv Bensadon, took some time to chat with Experts about the recent changes and the future of FixYa.

One of the first things Yaniv discussed was the new site. “From day one, FixYa’s vision was to allow any user to find any information on any product,” he says, but acknowledges that vision became secondary as FixYa experimented with other features. Enter the new site, renewing our focus on improving FixYa’s core functionality so that “FixYa continues to grow to its fullest potential.”

Yaniv was quick to reassure Experts that there would be continued improvements and bug fixes in the weeks to come. He explained that it was necessary to complete the switch even though there were some outstanding issues, saying “the fact we are going to launch the site to all users is not an indication it’s

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FixYa Mobile is here!

FYMobileSmSay your car started smoking on the way to work and you want to know whether it’s safe to drive home. Or perhaps your computer won’t start up and you need to retrieve that big presentation ASAP. Now the combined expertise of FixYa’s thousands of Experts is at your fingers- wherever, whenever. Just go to on your mobile phone.

FixYa is psyched to announce the launch of FixYa Mobile! Now you can access FixYa’s amazing library of technical advice from your mobile phone. Search for advice relating to your problem or post a question to our army of Experts. We’re online around the clock, and ready to assist you.

To our Experts: FixYa Mobile is also great for you, enabling you to provide assistance anytime you have some down time. That long line at the bank may be a headache for you, but now you can use that time to help a person resolve something that’s troubling them- and it might just make you feel better too!

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