experts leaderboard

There are experts. And then there are leaders.

Each week our experts compete for the grandest prize of them all – a trip to the top of the Fixya leaderboard. The competition is fierce on this hallowed ground filled with the best experts Fixya has to offer.

Do you have what it takes to reach the top?

  • Earn the high score by solving problems, receiving positive feedback.
  • Browse the halls of glory and re-live past triumphs by exploring the archives page

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experts leaderboard

Bring some color into your day.Solve, succeed, achieve.

Achievements are earned when you provide solutions and reach other career milestones on Fixya. The Night Owl is a hoot, the Scholar is oh so shrewd. Join the party and show the world your area of expertise.

What can you achieve today?

  • Build your Expert reputation by earning achievements that are displayed in your public profile
  • Monitor achievement categories and members in real-time via our Achievements page
  • Join the Fixya elite by acquiring rare and one of a kind achievement badges

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experts leaderboard

Individual solutions.Just the tip of the iceberg.

Your greatest asset as an Expert is your experience. Creating a tips page for a product or category is an excellent way to help users troubleshoot on their own and find a solution even when you're not online.

Tips, tricks, and treats. Go ahead and make use of all three.

  • Share your immense knowledge with others as you write tips for products and problems
  • Include information on procedures, maintenance, special features, and anything else you find important
  • Translate problems into solutions by crafting tips that put the Rosetta Stone to shame

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experts leaderboard

Always dashing, never bored. It's the Fixya Dashboard.

Our new and improved dashboard allows you to track everything you need to succeed— points, solutions, levels, milestones, and more. We've even tossed in an achievement just for activation.

Now dash on over and take advantage.

  • Track and earn points as you help others in need fix their everyday product problems
  • Enjoy visually stunning indications of your progress with our easy to follow metrics
  • Advance through expert levels by using gauges and progress bars to guide your journey from simpleton to savant

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