16 Cheap DIY Décor Projects To Liven Up Your Home Décor

A lot of us feel like sprucing up our home from time to time. However, budget constraints tend to give us a reality check – but it doesn’t necessarily have to be this way.

With a little creative flair, you can pull off a number of do-it-yourself (DIY) home décor projects to spruce up your space, within a day or two.

Here, we have listed 16 of the most affordable DIY projects you can use to redecorate your home.


  • Hallway Signs


Create beautiful hallway signs using some old wood and stylish decorative brackets.

Source: DIY for life


  • Stenciled Wall Art


Who says wall art has to be expensive? Use stencils on some stained boards and simply hang the framed art pieces on a blank wall to add a splash of color.

Source: Wikipedia


  • Reading Corner


Use a curved curtain rod and some old, but stylish curtains to create a reading corner in your very own room. You can get cheap curtain rods here.



  • Fluffy Chair


Make your office, or home office furniture more exciting by adding fluffy feather fur to the chair.

Source: Pixabay


  • Frame Shelves


Create vintage-looking frame shelves by adding wood around edges of old photo frames. Simply hook up the selves to the wall and display items such as pictures, miniature figurines etc.



  • Floating Shelf Table


Alternatively, you can also paint legs underneath a floating shelf to make it appear like an antique table.



  • Decoration Piece For Your Mantel


Visit a crafts store, buy some metal alphabetical signs and create a beautiful collage for your mantel.



  • Mirror Framed By Mosaic CDs


Stick chips of broken CDs to the edges of a mirror to make an attractive frame. To add further depth, use two or three different kinds of CDs to create a colorful mosaic.



  • Headboard For Your Curtains


Use a stylish rod headboard to hang curtains in your bedroom for a classy look. You can also check out these ideas to change the overall look of your room.



  • Customized Floating Shelves


Get some pieces of wood, paint them a color of your choice and add them to your walls on stylish brackets.



  • Personalized Canvas Wall


Take a blank canvas, and write your favorite quote or song lyrics on it. Hang it up on a wall in contrasting color to really make it stand out.



  • Feather Chandelier


Make an elegant chandelier using some hot glue gun, a lantern light, and some white feather fur. Use the fur to layer the lantern, so that it’s fully covered and ready to serve as a funky chandelier.



  • Moroccan Wall


Using a cardboard piece, you can redecorate an old wall to look like a Moroccan wall. You won’t even need to tear the old wallpaper down, as you can just paint over it.



  • Golden Pots


Add a luxurious look-and-feel to your home by spraying flower pots in a metallic gold color. Remember, adding golden hues to any room can immediately make it more fancy and elegant.



  • Floating Bookracks


You can use books to make a floating bookshelf – not only do they look cool and trendy, but they can be used to store odd bits and pieces in an artistic manner.



  • Chalkboard Wall


Place a chalkboard where you can easily doodle, and make notes – for example, these are ideal for a kitchen wall so you can make grocery lists. Also consider reviewing these kitchen redecoration ideas to improve the overall look.


With these budget-friendly DIY ideas, you can add a personalized touch to your home, without breaking the bank!

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Photo courtesy of Flickr user Jun Seita.