Fixya Features

Fixya Features: The Fixya Dashboard

Whether you are an active Fixya user or simply visited us once to get help for your broken device, there’s a good chance you probably have come across this grey bar located on the right of every user’s profile.


This is the Fixya Dashboard. You can find it in any Fixya user’s profile page. Think of it as their “player stats”; it details the user’s activity and more importantly, tells you exactly which products they are experts in.

Some of the information is fairly self-explanatory, some of it is a little trickier to understand. Regardless, we decided to take a little time to walk you through what all of this information means and why it’s important to you as a Fixya user.


Fixya Points: Scoring big by helping people
We’ll start our Fixya Dashboard breakdown by going over the Fixya points system.

The main way to earn points is by answering questions and depending on how recently the question was posted, you will receive anywhere between 1 to 3 points. For example, questions answered in the first 3 hours will give you 3 points while those answered after 12 hours only give you a single point.

The number of points a user has earned helps determine their level rank, where your answers appear on the question thread, your achievements and much more. There are a few other ways to earn points besides just answering questions, but we will let you explore Fixya and find those out for yourself. To get you started on earning points, here a quick peek at the different points rewarded per answer.

The next metric in the Fixya dashboard refers to the number of people you have helped with your answers. This algorithm measures how many questions you have answered, the number of people who have viewed them and the helpfulness of those answers to determine roughly how many Fixya users have benefited from your help.

For Fixya Pros, this number is especially important because it is a great way to track how many people have seen your business. This metric also influences how often your Fixya Pro Ad appears to customers in your area. (If you haven’t joined yet, be sure to check out our Fixya Pro for Local Business).


Expertise and Achievements: Showcase your knowledge

Think you’re an expert on a particular product or type of device? The Expertise section is a great way to show off your knowledge.

With this section, you can obtain icons representing the different products and specific brands you are a master in. The expertise icons are awarded when you have earned enough points answering questions for a specific product or brand. To see how many points you need for a particular area, check your Account Dashboard for the Progress to Expertise widget:


The final section in the Fixya Dashboard is the Achievements section, which showcases the different badges you have acquired. There are several different badges for various achievements; some are easy to earn, many are difficult. Be sure to check out the full list of Fixya Achievements.


And that wraps up our walkthrough of the Fixya Dashboard. Also note, we have several additional metrics to help you track your Fixya performance in your Fixya Profile which are not viewable by other users. Now that you know how the Fixya Dashboard works, be sure to keep an eye on your performance and how you stack up against the other power Fixya users.