So what’s the best way to find a solution? (Part 1: search navigation)

Thanks to our growing popularity, FixYa now stores a huge database of technical questions and answers. This increases the chances of finding a solution for your problem in prior posts.
The best way to find those tips is by using FixYa’s search tool.

Here’s an example:

Let’s say you are into music and you’ve purchased a Sandisk Sansa M230 player which suddenly turns off right after you turn it on.

Sounds frustrating huh?! No worries, you are about to enjoy your music again in just a few minutes.

You should start by searching by brand and product like in the example below:
sansa search

This will take you to the Sansa M230’s product page where you can either go through the questions and answers, or find specifically related results by searching again for let’s say: “turns off”.

turns off

You will now reach a page with possible solutions for your problem.

If you don’t find your solution there, you can always go back to the product page, using the navigation bar and either go through the answers again or post your own question by clicking on the “Post a new problem” link, located right below the search box.
post a problem

This concludes our first discussion on how to use the search box to find solutions.

On our next post we’ll show you an alternative way to find your product.

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