And the People Chose…

FixYa participated on Jan 10 as a judge for CES’ Last Gadget Standing Super Session. Narrowed down to 10 finalists, the people chose:

The Eye-Fi Explore Video Card. On stage, the Eye-Fi demo was amazing. Eye-Fi is a wifi video card with instant video uploading ability. These guys have partnered with YouTube and allow for instantaneous uploading of videos as they’re being taken. In fact, they put a Johnny Cash tribute singer onstage and uploaded it on the spot. Obviously they earned some serious style points with the audience, and the instant uploading capabilities of the product mean that with this card, what happens in Vegas is not likely to stay in Vegas.

*UPDATE: The results are in for Last Gadget Standing’s reader’s choice online award. The HeartMath emWave PSR portable biofeedback tool is a stress relief tool that monitors your heart rate and breathing. The device is meant to keep you centered and lower your heart and respiration rate.

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  1. emWave user says:

    …and the on-line winner of the people’s choice for the Last Gadget Standing award was the emWave Personal Stress Reliever created by HeartMath. Worth a mention.