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New Rating System

We would like to draw your attention to some changes that have been made to the ranking system.
As you know rankings play a vital part in the way that our community works. They enable the askers to know how the expert done in solving previous problems and gives the experts an important feedback as well as allow them to participate in FixYa’s premium services.

There are now 4 ranks to choose from:
FixYa! – The highest rank. Should be applied when the proposed solution solved the problem.
Helpful – The solution provided helpful information that helped solve the problem or at least provided good directions.
Thanks For Trying – The solution provided some help but didn’t solve the problem.
Inappropriate – The solution had nothing to do with the problem.

And experts are divided into 4 groups:
Guru, Wiz, Master, Guide and apprentice.

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Share your experience

We’ve noticed that many members who shared similar technical problems wish to include their personal story and/or add more info on the issue.
That’s why we came up with “I have the same problem” feature.
We recommend using this to add your side of the story (e.g. how it happened, what were the symptoms add a picture or a video etc.) or let people know how the solution worked for you.
Here’s a nice example of Sansa e250 MP3 Player problem that was solved. As you can see there’s no longer a need to comment in the solution section, just use the “I have the same problem” the same way ea_sports16 (We’re happy for you :-)) did.

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