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Fishing for a Solution?

Nasugbu Sunset Sm

One of FixYa’s tenured Experts with 3589 solutions to his credit, Benimur is highly respected among users and staff, as well as his fellow Experts. A candidate for FixYa sainthood, Benimur has been known for his unselfish acts, such as once requesting that a FixYa he received on a solution be revoked so that the customer would be able to view other Expert’s ideas. Perhaps his mild manner can be credited to his love of the sea and its beauty, as seen in the above picture from Nasugbu, in the Philippines.

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Our Man at the Top


With a career that’s run the gamut from bartending, to teaching, to repairing, Ginko’s dynamic mind has led him in his rapid ascent at FixYa. With 3608 solutions and closing in on 1000 votes, he is has been our top Expert for a while now. His carefully thought out solutions set the bar for his fellow Experts and have provided help for hundreds upon hundreds of customers.

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