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Speeding to the Top

Kens Bus 0329D 015If you don’t know the username Molson02536, you haven’t been paying attention to FixYa’s homepage. Molson02536 hit the scene in a big way, posting 1242 solutions since debuting in April. He quickly rose to be featured on the Top Expert module on the front page, and has stayed there ever since. Molson02536 has obviously been storing up knowledge and experience for years, but where did it all come from?

Molson02536 hails from Ontario, Canada. He learned his specialty by being around cars all his life, and working in both speed shops and machine shops. The Chevy, Dodge, Ford, GMC, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, and Toyota Brand Badges he’s earned are testaments to his skill and versatility when it comes to the care and maintenance of all things automotive.

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The Core of an Apple Expert

mneilsen2084Meet mneilsen2084, i.e. Melissa, one of FixYa’s newest Experts. Melissa has only just finished her first month on FixYa, yet she has already chalked up an impressive 271 solutions and has even earned her Apple Brand Badge. But it comes as no surprise that Melissa is a true Guru regarding all things Apple, since she was actually trained by the company when she worked for them. In fact, it is her experience working for Apple that got her interested in computer-based technology and started on the path to becoming the stellar Expert she is today.

Melissa’s time at Apple didn’t just get her interested in computing, it moved her to make some major life decisions- like majoring in Computer Networking at college in Boise, Idaho. As she puts it “I realized within the first two months [of working at Apple] that I needed to make a career out of being tech savvy.” She’s obviously making a hobby out of being tech savvy too, helping hundreds of people on FixYa and earning an amazing 89.4% average rating.

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