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Trouble in Paradise? FixYa’s Local Repair to the Rescue!

Hawaii smEven in paradise, things don’t always run smoothly. That’s what captal413, a resident of Kihei, Hawaii discovered when his oven timer started going off incessantly and couldn’t be silenced. Kihei is a small town of about 16,000 residents on the island of Maui. There’s an active tourism industry, hundreds of hotels, and dozens of surf shops, but not a lot of appliance repair centers.

A professional repairman, total tech, faced a similar dilemma. In a town full of tourists, how was he to reach out to the actual residents who needed his services? How was he supposed to attract attention to his business on an island where almost everyone was more interested in riding waves than microwaves?

Luckily, captal413 and total tech found FixYa, and through FixYa, they found each other. FixYa’s new Local Repair enabled captal413 to post a request to local repair pros, and allowed total tech to respond, connecting with this potential customer right in his own backyard! Now captal413 can consult with top tech through the request he posted, can get total tech’s contact info from his Repair Directory listing, and total tech can get to work repairing that broken timer!

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