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FixYa Point Shop Profile: T-Shirts and Hoodies

Hello FixYa fanatics! Over the course of the next six weeks we will be profiling some items in the point shop in order to give you a better idea of what you can earn for free by solving questions on FixYa. Our original post on the grand opening of the shop can be found here.

Earlier this month we brought to you the FixYa Point Shop, a place where Experts can turn in their points for cool items like the Kindle Fire, Roku 2 XS, and clothing branded with one-of-a-kind FixYa logos. In case you’re unaware of the Point Shop and all of the awesomeness that comes along with it, here’s a brief refresher course:

Earn points by solving questions on FixYa

Visit www.fixya.com/shop and select the item you’d like to receive

Get free shipping around the world, wherever you live

As of this posting we have 8 items in the shop for you to choose from. They range from clothing to electronics, giving you a wide variety of gifts you can receive for all of your hard work.

Today we’ll be taking a deeper look at the t-shirt and hoodie. Click “Continue Reading” to find out more!

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Congratulations to k_akima, FixYa’s Expert of The Month for July

FixYa is proud to congratulate k_akima on earning FixYa Expert of the Month honors for his work in July 2012.

A long-time top expert on the site, k_akima’s ability to provide concise solutions to questions across various categories is an asset that the FixYa community appreciates immensely– not a day goes by without k_akima helping someone solve a nasty product problem. His ability to offer a wide range of tips and fixes for digital cameras, phones, calculators, and numerous other technical devices enriches the site immensely, setting the standard for what an online tech support should be.

In other words, he’s a guru. And we couldn’t be happier to have him as part of our team.

With over 27,500 solutions on FixYa, k_akima’s experience with tech support is unparalleled. He is currently the longest serving top expert on the site, and possesses a wide range of skill which make him extremely useful across various categories.

Like all of us however, k_akima has his specialties. The most notable one is Digital Cameras, in which he has solved a whopping 14,674 questions from users in need of a quick and successful fix. Along with Digital Cameras, he also has an excellent working knowledge of numerous other categories.

His specialties are as follows:

  • Digital Cameras – 14674 solutions
  • Calculators – 3603 solutions
  • Phones – 2597 solutions
  • MP3 & Digital Media… – 1558 solutions
  • Answering Machines – 914 solutions
  • Camcorders – 658 solutions
  • Film Cameras – 587 solutions

If you have a question about a product in one of these categories, rest assured FixYa fanatics– you are in excellent hands.

Congratulations again to k_akima on earning Expert of the Month honors.

Think you have what it takes to be FixYa’s Expert of the Month? Send an email to support-at-fixya-dot-com with your username and have a change to win a gift from the brand new FixYa point shop!

FixYa Announces Point Shop For Experts

FixYa is proud to announce the grand opening of the FixYa Point Shop, an online store where experts can convert their points into awesome swag like clothes and electronics.

FixYa branded items include hats, t-shirts, backpacks, hoodies, and jackets, while popular electronic items include JBL Creature III Speakers, Roku 2 XS, and the Kindle Fire. All items are available for users regardless of skill level or time spent on the site.

You can visit the brand new FixYa Point Shop by clicking here.

Other features of the new Point Shop are as follows:

  • Earn points and get items. Answer unsolved questions from FixYa users by signing up for an account and clicking “Answer”. Current users follow the same process.
  • Check your balance. Keep tabs on your Point Shop balance by  going to “My Profile > My Account > Point Shop Balance”. There you will see your redeemable points.
  • Reedemable Points. Redeemable points are all points you have earned on FixYa by solving problems minus the points you have spent on shop purchases. For example: If you’ve earned 3,000 points on FixYa and then purchase a t-shirt worth 2,500 points, you will have 500 redeemable points left to spend.
  • Points are forever. Been solving questions since 2007? You’re in luck. Every point you have earned over your FixYa career can be used to redeem items.
  • Free shipping around the world. No hidden fees or charges. We ship anywhere and everywhere around the world. No matter where you live, the point value of your item will be exactly what you see.
  • Get featured on the blog. Send a picture of you with your FixYa gear to [email protected] and get featured on this very blog as well as our Facebook page. It’s just another way of us thanking you for a job well done.

Visit the FixYa Point Shop by clicking here and get started on earning points.

Your dedication and intelligence is what makes FixYa so special, experts. We can’t wait for you to receive your new gifts.


Galaxy SIII vs. iPhone 4S: Top U.S. Smartphones Get Pitted Head-to-Head in New Report From FixYa

Today FixYa, the leading product Q&A destination on the web, announces the first-ever report comparing consumer issues across all of the most popular smartphones including the newly-released Samsung Galaxy SIII, Apple iPhone 4S, Samsung Galaxy Nexus, RIM Blackberry Curve, HTC Titan II, and the Nokia Lumia 900.

With smartphones already accounting for more than half of mobile phones in the United States, the market is expanding at a rapid rate. FixYa’s Smartphone Report, released today, looks at market-leading devices and pits them against each other, basing its findings on thousands of troubleshooting requests posted by consumers on its product Q&A site.

With the just-launched Samsung Galaxy SIII claiming the most buzz of any current phone, competition in the smartphone market is as fierce as ever. Industry titans are rolling out new smartphones left and right, leaving consumers confused about which one to pick and whether they are buying a reliable product. The Fixya Smartphone Report seeks to provide clarity to consumers by highlighting the main troubleshooting trends across six of the standout devices.

Below are the top five problems for each device in the FixYa Smartphone Report, and the percentage of troubleshooting requests that fall into each problem category.

Click “Continue Reading” to see the rest of the report.

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