Happy New Year and Happy New Bonus Winners!

December 09 Bonus WinnersBefore FixYa looks to the New Year, we want to reflect on the last month of 2009. That’s when three of our Premium Experts wowed us with their technical prowess and superb support skills, earning themselves FixYa’s second Holiday Bonus award.

Congratulations to our first place $500, Ekse! As Ekse approaches the end of his second year on FixYa, we want to make it known how much we value the contributions he has made to our community. Ekse is a consummate professional and has unparalleled insight into the workings of our site, making him a great help to both our customers and our staff.

Our second place winner, tbirdfan1, takes home the $250 prize. He’s a relatively recent addition to FixYa’s community, but he has made his mark as a dedicated tech who continually produces great work. Thank you, tbirdfan1, for bringing fresh talent to FixYa!

Winning our third place, $100 prize is localwonder. It’s no wonder what makes this Expert shine, just check out his 26 Brand Badges and 10 Category Expert Badges. From cars, to large appliances, to computers and cell phones, there’s nothing this Expert can’t fix!

FixYa sends a huge “thank you” to all its winning Experts. By providing customers with top notch assistance these Experts are helping to build FixYa into the internet’s number one resource for product support, and we are proud to have them featured on our site.

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