iPhone App-titude: FixYans Get it Right

It comes as no surprise to see Apple’s iPhone App store garner an amazing amount of attention. Media outlets have been broadcasting footage from 3G iPhone lines across the nation. Nevertheless, it seems nobody expected the online store to earn as much revenue as it has in the first month. According to the Washington Post, the online App Store is collecting an average of $1 million dollars per day, despite the fact that the majority of the third party applications are available for free download. More than 60 million applications have been downloaded in a period of 30 days and FixYa is buzzing with solutions to your most difficult iPhone issues.

From providing basic store sign-in support, to touch screen tips, to solving reception issues – our experts have worked tirelessly in improving our iPhone App-titude.

Rumor has it that getting a refund from the App store is extremely difficult, so if you’ve just purchased a phone and are looking for info about the App Store or phone, consider asking your fellow FixYans first.

If you’ve bought an iPhone 3G and would like to store your warranty online, you can register here.

So you’re an iPhone expert. If you’re really that great, why not meta-hype yourself? Consider adding a link to your answers in your social network status for your Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Linkedin, Gmail or blog account. You can also add the same link to your email signature. If you’ve got questions on how to do this, email me at [email protected] and don’t forget to check back for updates. The FixYa developers will be rolling out some promotional tools in the near future. Thanks for reading!

Dana Oshiro is FixYa’s newest marketing team member. Born in British Columbia, Canada, Oshiro comes from a long line of tinkerers, classic car aficionados and opinionated hobbyists. She’s really happy aboot her new position.

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