Survey: Fixya Pro helps drive more business

Professional repair-folks, you already knew that Fixya is the best place to provide solutions and help others with their product problems. But did you know that Fixya is also the perfect platform to promote your business?

In a recent survey of Fixya Pros, we found that over half of the respondents reported having had customers from Fixya directly calling them for professional help. Several experts that joined Fixya Pro for Local Business, particularly those that fixed computers and household appliances, mentioned that customers had found their business through their Fixya Pro Ads and the answers they had posted.

Naturally we are super excited to hear that some of our Pros are receiving business through Fixya. Solving our users product problems and driving more business to our Pros have always been our two main goals when creating Fixya Pro for Local Business. (We are actually working on several new features that will help streamline the process for users to connect with our Fixya Pros, but we will get to that in the coming weeks!)

Many of the Pros we talked to also mentioned that Fixya was their favorite platform because it allows them to help people, while also promoting their business specifically to users in their area. Our Fixya Pro Ads (which are completely free) allow you to target your advertising directly to those users in your area that need help with a product problem.

And with our recently launched Local Pro Reviews system, users can now post reviews praising your business for your help. These star-ratings will help rank your business in our directory and show everyone that you are the best expert in your area.

The best part of the Fixya Pro for Local Business, it is entirely free! Just by signing up, you immediately get a free listing and local advertising on a site that attracts over 30 million visitors a month.

Our Fixya Pro for Local Businesses has been growing significantly over the past few months, as more and more local professionals want to promote their business quickly and easily. If you are a local repair business, you can join the hundreds of other Fixya Pros utilizing our free targeted advertising.

Learn more about becoming a Fixya Pro.

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