Going Beyond the Beyond

1(2) smIt isn’t hard to find good people on FixYa. On any given thread you’re apt to find half a dozen highly trained and specialized professional technicians, using the knowledge they have amassed over the years to help people in need. All of our Experts go above and beyond on a daily basis… and then some go a little further still.

is one of those Experts who regularly goes beyond the beyond. HMerchant110 is actually Dr. Merchant, having completed his professional degree course in Medicine in 2000. Sadly, just having finished his internship, he met with a serious accident which forced him to leave the medical practice and find a profession that was less stressful on his health.

This deviation from the course he expected his life to take must have been a difficult experience to go through. But HMerchant came out on the other end with a brand new way to assist the people around him, by working with a cousin at his computer and electronics repair business. This meshed well with his childhood interest in computers and electronics, and the passion for repairing gadgets that he developed as an adolescent. He had also learned a lot about camera repair from his father, a professional photographer of 45 years. HMerchant eventually found FixYa in April of 2009, and through FixYa he found a way to help even more people.

HMerchant lives in beautiful Bombay, India, but his reach extends to the hundreds of people he has assisted all over the world. Yet his contributions to FixYa do not end there. HMerchant also serves as FixYa’s most productive Expert Moderator, hunting down spammers and removing well over 13,000 individual spam posts from the site. By doing this, HMerchant has not only benefited the users and customers on FixYa, but also its entire community of Experts and staff. As he puts it, “working alongside the greatest Experts and helping people from diverse backgrounds on this site is a great feeling. But my favorite part is to contribute towards making this site even better.”

Reflecting on his past, HMerchant says “my current profession gives me an opportunity to express my creative qualities, plus it gives me freedom to do other things in life which are never possible in medical practice. As a doctor, one has to be always available to attend the patients, which forces one to sacrifice personal and social life. Above all, this episode has made me mentally tougher and has taught me how to handle stressful conditions, and I am really enjoying life!” We are so glad to hear that HMerchant is enjoying life, because we are enjoying him.

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