Whatever You Need Fixed, He Does It.

heatman101 medOne of the best sources for technical information on FixYa is our growing Tips & How-To’s section. This is where our Experts aggregate the knowledge acquired during their time in the field into Tips, which are then made available to anyone searching for a related solution. Experts who create high-quality Tips can actually become Premium Tips Experts, and earn money for the Tips they write.

While some Experts are just learning how to make the most of this system, one Expert who is really setting the standard is heatman101, who has already posted an astonishing 132 Tips since joining FixYa in November 09. Not to be overlooked, his 542 solutions and 97% rating are also testaments to his impressive skill as a technician.

heatman101 originally came to FixYa looking for a way to make a living without being tied to one place. After working in such professions as meat packing, welding and metal fabrication, refinishing carpentry, and HVAC (where he has spent the last 20+ years), heatman101 has picked up a wide range of skills and abilities. His wife has actually come to refer to heatman101’s primarily HVAC-oriented business as actually being his “‘whatever you need fixed we do it’ service.” heatman101 credits location saying, “where I live you learn to ‘do it all’ because there often just isn’t someone else to call.” Thankfully, when left to his own devices, heatman101 truly excels. In fact, he’s even accomplished at making his own devices, as you can see in the image above of an original heating system that he designed, built, and installed.

One of the ways in which heatman101 is ahead of the curve is his usage of SEO strategies to attract more attention to his Tips. He says he gets his ideas from Tips by seeing which questions are asked over and over on FixYa. He then researches keywords in an effort to create titles that will turn up in relevant search results. He has already found that by employing his growing SEO know-how, he can get a new Tip to appear on the first page of Google’s search results within a day! It looks like heatman101 has added a brand new skill to his already impressive list of Areas of Expertise.

The object of all this effort is to allow him to achieve his dream of doing mission work with his wife once his children have graduated from high school. heatman101 hopes to fund this activity by finding a residual revenue stream that won’t tie him down, and participating in FixYa’s Premium Tips program has become a part of that plan. We’re very happy to get to play a part in helping him reach his goal, and we hope that 2010 will result in even more new revenue streams for heatman101 and the rest of our deserving Experts. Thanks heatman101, for leading the way and showing us what’s possible.

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