15 Car Detailing Hacks To Save You Money

If you are looking for ways to keep your car looking as good as new, but have a limited budget, don’t worry!
Here are some simple tips that will help you fix and clean the exterior and interior of your car.

1 – Neutralize Any Smell From The Interior

For this, simply buy an odor neutralizer spray online or from your closest auto supplies store.

This goes a long way for masking strong smells such as tobacco smoke from the interior of your car. Lightly spray the carpet, door panels and seats, then turn the fan on – don’t forget to leave the windows closed for about an hour.

Another great way to keep your car smelling fresh is to seal some fruit rinds (like pineapple or orange) in a plastic bag and place it on your dashboard.

2 – Clean The Grime Off The Windows

A lot of people overlook that hint of grime on their windows, which is particularly visible when they are partially rolled down.

You can simply clean this with a rag and some detergent for a neat finish.

3 – Clean The Leather Inside

Are your leather seats permanently dirty from years of neglect?

Don’t worry, there is a simple solution for this – a leather cleaning kit.

Start by treating the leather with a conditioner, and apply the cleaner directly onto the stains. Rub it in gently and let it soak for about 30 seconds before you wipe it off with a clean, soft cloth.

4 – DIY Cleaner For Your Rims

Don’t want to invest money in buying a cleaner? No problem, this DIY solution made from common kitchen items can effectively clean your rims and hubcaps.

Mix half a cup of baking soda, a tablespoon of car shampoo and about two mugs of warm water together. Dip a towel or cloth into the mixture and scrub your rims; when you’re done, you can just rinse it off with water.

5 – Clean Air Vents With A Brush

The brush head on your vacuum cleaner might do the job, but it’s unlikely to be a thorough one.

To fully get rid of all the dust inside, get a paintbrush and spray some furniture polish on it. This will clean the dirt effectively, after which you can wipe the surface with a clean, dry cloth.

6 – Use Colorants

This is fairly straightforward; spray a few light coats of colorant on your vinyl or plastic doors and let each layer dry for 5 to 10 minutes.

Remember to let the colorant set in for at least 24 hours before you use the car.

7 – Rinse Your Car Prior To A Wash

Here’s one rule you should follow religiously; never apply soap to dry paint, as this grinds the grit and dirt right into the finish.

Start by rinsing your car with water so you can remove as much dirt as possible before dousing it with soapy water.

8 – Replace Old Carpets As Needed

Sometimes, it is cheaper to replace the older carpets with newer ones instead of using stain removers. For about $200, you can buy new carpets for your car, and simply install them yourself.

9 – Use The Correct Detergent

If you want to properly maintain your car paint, then it’s crucial to use the right detergent for cleaning. In other words, you should never use dish wash soap, as it is too harsh and dries the oils in the waxed layers of the paint.

After a thorough DIY cleaning job, learn how to effectively clean your hands of all the grease and grime here.

10 – Repair Leather Seat Tears

Fix the tears that appear in your leather seats with a vinyl leather repair kit. In addition to being cost effective, it is also easy and saves considerable time.

However, it’s important to note that this is not a miracle solution; you’ll still be left with noticeable tears, but you will no longer have large, gaping holes in your seats.

11 – DIY Paint Sealant

Also known as synthetic polymer wax, these can give your car a glossy finish. It’s not only easy to apply, but it also won’t leave a milky film on your trims.

Simply use a foam applicator to rub in the wax in circular motions, then wipe off any access with a soft (preferably microfiber) cloth or towel.

12 – Protect The Lid Of Your Tank

This is a seriously handy trick; just rub some WD-40 over the lid of your gas tank to protect it from rusting.

13 – Dust With Coffee Filters

Anyone who uses a simple cloth to dust their car knows that it spreads lint everywhere.

The easy solution is to use coffee filters; these are lint-free materials perfect for dusting your console, dashboards, doors, etc.

14 – Grease The Hood Hinges

After wiping them clean, spray the hinges with grease, or a few drops of motor oil.

Allow the solution to properly sink in by moving the hinge a couple of times, and make sure that it gets into both the sides.

15 – Clean Your Wipers With Soap

Like all other parts of your car, wipers are also subject to wear and tear. With time, the dirt and debris under your wipers can cause them to leave annoying streaks on the windshield; this can also turn into a major safety hazard in case of heavy rain or snow.

Hence, keep your blades clean by washing them with soapy water and wiping their edge with rubbing alcohol.

We hope our car detailing hacks will help you save money; with these, you no longer have to depend on experts for routine maintenance.

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