5 Ideas For DIY Creative Kitchen Storage

Limited storage space in your small kitchen? Can’t figure out a way to store your million and one Tupperware boxes and tableware?

Here are five DIY creative ideas create some extra storage space in your kitchen.

Not only are these projects attractive, but they are fun to create and easy on the wallet.

1 – Storage Rack For Lids

Making space for your cookware lids is a problem faced by many of us.

Let’s admit it: We’ve all at least once dropped a cookware lid on the floor. when trying to restack them back on their respective shelves.

If you are someone that encounters this often, then noise is not the only nuisance you would face – they can also crack your expensive kitchen tiles.

Thankfully, there’s a solution to this; a rack that holds these lids to the inside of your cabinets.

Consider hanging a towel bar to catch your pot lids. Simply slide them in and the knobs on your lids should be able to hold them in place.

This not only saves space, but reduces the hassle of organizing everything too.

Bonus: Take things a step further, by building a hanging pot rack from your pantry ceiling for your pots. Not only will your pans remain accessible, but you’ll also be able to maximize your space, and store other items.

2 – Rack For Slicing Boards

Storing your cutting boards in a safe and hygienic way is crucial, especially since they serve as breeding environments for bacteria.

For this DIY hack, you can start by lining the insides of your kitchen cabinets with hooks and holders to hold your slicing racks in one place. This will not only make them easy to pull out and store, but will also keep them covered.

3 – Store Your Forks and Spoons In Containers

Tired of cutlery rattling around your kitchen? Get plain containers and decorate them – or use the ones you already own to hold your cutlery separate from your dishes. This will also provide them their own corner, as cutlery tends to increase the clutter in your drawers.

Maintaining separate containers, or boxes for cutlery means that everything stays hygienic too. You can keep all the forks and spoons in covered boxes; to further protect them from dust.

4 – Label Stickers For Storage Jars

Those who crave change might easily get bored of the plain glass jars to store essentials like sugar, salt, cinnamon, etc. If that is the case, then this is an easy way of making your jars look a lot more fun.

You can print out some labels, and stick them on the right jars – this goes for all the essentials you can store including, sugar, baking soda, flour, brown sugar, white flour, and much more.

So go on, get some paper, and start printing!

5 – Reorganize The Pantry

There are quite some ways for you to reorganize your pantry. For example, some people prefer to have bigger jars for sugar and flour, and regular-sized ones for rice.

It’s always a matter of preference, the space you have available, and the amount of a particular ingredient you will be storing.

You can increase the glamour quotient on this one by adding two or three different colored jars, each representing the ingredient stored in them. Remember to tie in the color of your jars with the overall theme of your kitchen.

That’s all for the best DIY creative kitchen storage ideas! Want more organizing or utility tips? Check out these ideas to make your kitchen more functional.

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