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5 Ways To Fix Your Corrupted SD Card Without Losing Data

SD cards are getting smaller and more convenient as their storage capabilities grow exponentially.

However, the problem is that these storage devices are prone to corruption and damage. This loss doesn’t even have to be intentional, as these SD cards have a limited life, and they can get corrupt automatically after prolonged usage.

This usually means loss of any data, i.e., photos, videos or documents, you may have stored on there.

You can tell if you have a corrupted SD card at your hands if a computer or smartphone can no longer read its content. And even if you see the files, it gets impossible to add, save, delete, or copy them. Additionally, your device may display messages like, “SD card is not available. The file or directory is damaged and cannot be read” or “Memory Card Error” to let you know that something’s wrong.

But don’t worry just yet. It is possible to retrieve some or all of the content as long as you act quickly.

Here’s what you can do.

1.     Show Hidden Files

A virus-ridden SD card may hide all the files and folders on it, leading you to believe it’s already empty. However, you can tell that the data is still there because the available storage space usually remains unchanged.

This is because the attributes for all files have been changed to read-only or hidden, to make the card appear empty. Here’s how you can access these files:

  • Mount the SD Card to the reader
  • Open Windows Explorer, and then click on the Tools menu
  • Then go to Folder Options and click on view
  • Check the box next to show hidden files, folders & drives
  • Press ok, and now you can view all files

2.     Change The Drive

When we plug in an external USB drive or SD card into the computer, it automatically assigns a letter to the external device.

But in case you have a faulty card, the computer will say that the device is ready to use, but it won’t show up in the list of drives. Or the computer may not even detect it and keep telling you to “Please insert the disk.”

Do the following to fix the issue:

  • Open run and type in compmgmt.msc
  • Select disk management in the storage options
  • Right-click the drive that needs to be assigned a new letter and click Change Drive Letter and Paths
  • Then choose a new letter from the drop-down menu that appears under Assign following drive letter
  • Restart the PC, and the SD Card will hopefully now show up on your computer

3.     Uninstall and Reinstall

If nothing has worked thus far, reinstalling the SD Card’s driver may solve the issue. Here’s what needs to be done:

  • Right-click on This PC or My Computer
  • Click on Manage
  • Choose Disk driver then the drive in question (Assigned to your SD Card)
  • Uninstall it
  • Unmount the SD Card and then restart the PC
  • Put it back in the reader, and now the PC may detect it

4.     Try The Windows Troubleshooter

Follow these steps to repair a corrupt SD Card using the Windows Troubleshooter:

  • Plug in the card
  • In the Start Menu click on settings > Update & Security > Troubleshoot
  • Choose the option that says Hardware and Devices to start the process
  • Once the troubleshooting is complete, restart the PC
  • Your SD Card should be functional now

5.     Resolve The Read-Only Error

Sometimes it just so happens that the card was never write-protected, but it continues to show a read-only error when you try to use it.

Here is a quick fix for this issue:

  • Open Command prompt and enter “diskpart”
  • Next, run these three commands: “list volume” followed by “select volume X” (Instead of X put the drive letter assigned to the SD Card), and finally enter “attributes disk clear read only”

The read-only error should no longer appear, so you can easily access and use your SD Card files.

Key Takeaway

If the steps mentioned above didn’t work for you, check with the SD Card manufacturer to see if they can offer a solution to your problem. You can also try a data recovery software that can even help get back deleted files, so corrupt data shouldn’t be an issue.

If nothing works, the only thing you are left to do is formatting the SD card. Yes, this means that you’ll never again be able to see the data that was saved on there earlier, but at least now the card is usable.

However, we advise you to invest in a new SD card and throw this one away.


15 Car Detailing Hacks To Save You Money

If you are looking for ways to keep your car looking as good as new, but have a limited budget, don’t worry!
Here are some simple tips that will help you fix and clean the exterior and interior of your car.

1 – Neutralize Any Smell From The Interior

For this, simply buy an odor neutralizer spray online or from your closest auto supplies store.

This goes a long way for masking strong smells such as tobacco smoke from the interior of your car. Lightly spray the carpet, door panels and seats, then turn the fan on – don’t forget to leave the windows closed for about an hour.

Another great way to keep your car smelling fresh is to seal some fruit rinds (like pineapple or orange) in a plastic bag and place it on your dashboard.

2 – Clean The Grime Off The Windows

A lot of people overlook that hint of grime on their windows, which is particularly visible when they are partially rolled down.

You can simply clean this with a rag and some detergent for a neat finish.

3 – Clean The Leather Inside

Are your leather seats permanently dirty from years of neglect?

Don’t worry, there is a simple solution for this – a leather cleaning kit.

Start by treating the leather with a conditioner, and apply the cleaner directly onto the stains. Rub it in gently and let it soak for about 30 seconds before you wipe it off with a clean, soft cloth.

4 – DIY Cleaner For Your Rims

Don’t want to invest money in buying a cleaner? No problem, this DIY solution made from common kitchen items can effectively clean your rims and hubcaps.

Mix half a cup of baking soda, a tablespoon of car shampoo and about two mugs of warm water together. Dip a towel or cloth into the mixture and scrub your rims; when you’re done, you can just rinse it off with water.

5 – Clean Air Vents With A Brush

The brush head on your vacuum cleaner might do the job, but it’s unlikely to be a thorough one.

To fully get rid of all the dust inside, get a paintbrush and spray some furniture polish on it. This will clean the dirt effectively, after which you can wipe the surface with a clean, dry cloth.

6 – Use Colorants

This is fairly straightforward; spray a few light coats of colorant on your vinyl or plastic doors and let each layer dry for 5 to 10 minutes.

Remember to let the colorant set in for at least 24 hours before you use the car.

7 – Rinse Your Car Prior To A Wash

Here’s one rule you should follow religiously; never apply soap to dry paint, as this grinds the grit and dirt right into the finish.

Start by rinsing your car with water so you can remove as much dirt as possible before dousing it with soapy water.

8 – Replace Old Carpets As Needed

Sometimes, it is cheaper to replace the older carpets with newer ones instead of using stain removers. For about $200, you can buy new carpets for your car, and simply install them yourself.

9 – Use The Correct Detergent

If you want to properly maintain your car paint, then it’s crucial to use the right detergent for cleaning. In other words, you should never use dish wash soap, as it is too harsh and dries the oils in the waxed layers of the paint.

After a thorough DIY cleaning job, learn how to effectively clean your hands of all the grease and grime here.

10 – Repair Leather Seat Tears

Fix the tears that appear in your leather seats with a vinyl leather repair kit. In addition to being cost effective, it is also easy and saves considerable time.

However, it’s important to note that this is not a miracle solution; you’ll still be left with noticeable tears, but you will no longer have large, gaping holes in your seats.

11 – DIY Paint Sealant

Also known as synthetic polymer wax, these can give your car a glossy finish. It’s not only easy to apply, but it also won’t leave a milky film on your trims.

Simply use a foam applicator to rub in the wax in circular motions, then wipe off any access with a soft (preferably microfiber) cloth or towel.

12 – Protect The Lid Of Your Tank

This is a seriously handy trick; just rub some WD-40 over the lid of your gas tank to protect it from rusting.

13 – Dust With Coffee Filters

Anyone who uses a simple cloth to dust their car knows that it spreads lint everywhere.

The easy solution is to use coffee filters; these are lint-free materials perfect for dusting your console, dashboards, doors, etc.

14 – Grease The Hood Hinges

After wiping them clean, spray the hinges with grease, or a few drops of motor oil.

Allow the solution to properly sink in by moving the hinge a couple of times, and make sure that it gets into both the sides.

15 – Clean Your Wipers With Soap

Like all other parts of your car, wipers are also subject to wear and tear. With time, the dirt and debris under your wipers can cause them to leave annoying streaks on the windshield; this can also turn into a major safety hazard in case of heavy rain or snow.

Hence, keep your blades clean by washing them with soapy water and wiping their edge with rubbing alcohol.

We hope our car detailing hacks will help you save money; with these, you no longer have to depend on experts for routine maintenance.

12 Weekend DIY Projects To Increase Your Home’s Value

Whether you are planning to put up your house on the market for sale, or thinking about renovations for Christmas, home improvement projects can be costly and time consuming. 

But with these simple DIY projects, they don’t have to be! You can easily start this weekend, and greatly increase your home’s value with a little time and effort. 

1 – A New House Number Plate

Want to impress people – or buyers – even before they enter your house? Start with the exterior and with the most basic DIY hack. You can either polish or shine your existing number plate, or build a new one that matches the door and the wall. 


2 – Improve The Look Of Your Curb

A green curb literally makes the best impression; trim the grass and add drought-tolerant plants, and it will change the overall look of your house.

Go for low maintenance plants that do not require a lot of effort to grow, unless you want to spend hours on pruning and mowing. 

3 – Hammock For Backyard 

Add a hammock in your backyard to enjoy a relaxing weekend with a cup of tea and your favorite book. It really makes the best hangout spot in the house, especially during summers. 

Remember, it’s the small things that make your home look cozy and inviting!


4 – Repaint Your Garage Door

A fresh new coat of paint on your garage door not only lends a pop of color to your exterior, but also makes your house look as good as new. 

Opt for colors like red, green, yellow, etc. to truly standout in a neighborhood filled with traditionally styled homes.


5 – Lighting Fixtures

The right lighting and fixture can change the look of the room all-together – you just have to be creative. 

If you don’t have the budget to buy new ceiling fixtures, then a good idea is to simply cut up a piece of wood in circular shapes, install Edison bulbs, and hook them up to the ceiling. Voila, you have a fancy new chandelier that any prospect walking into your house is bound to love.


6 – Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are not only super easy to build, but they also don’t require a lot of effort to install. You can simply buy these shelves in varying sizes, or build them as a weekend project. 

They’ll not only give your home a trendy vibe, especially if you paint them in bright colors, but you’ll also have extra storage space – a concern that many prospective buyers have.


7 – Remove The Carpet

Cleaning your carpet is a very tedious task – why not just remove it? 

If you feel that your floor is not up to the latest trend, you can stain, or paint it with your favorite stencil for a new look. To further enhance the look, you can place a matching rug to really make your floors pop.


8 – Change Door Knobs And Cabinet Handles

We often ignore these little fixtures, but they can add great value to your house. So, start by replacing all the door knobs and handles that you think need a makeover.  

Alternatively, you can make worn out fixtures look as good as new with a fresh coat of polish.


9 – Repaint The Walls

Walls define your house; scratches, stains, or old wallpapers can adversely affect your home’s value, and ruin look of your interior. 

Simply repaint your walls with a fresh, neutral color to make the rooms look spacious, and clean. 


10 – Re-Organize Your Laundry Room

A laundry room that actually makes you want to spend time washing and folding clothes in there? Imagine how great it would look to people who are thinking of buying the house.

You don’t have to spend a lot of time and money on this project; simply install shelves above the washing machine, and organize everything in neat little wooden baskets. 


11 – Paint The Cabinets

Tired of seeing the same old brown cupboards in your kitchen? Want a fresh and open vibe in the room?

Paint your cabinets a bright color; this is not only more cost effective than installing new ones, but you can make this a fun, weekend DIY project with your family. 


12 – Check Your Electrical Wiring

This is especially important if you have to put your house on the market, and want to get a good valuation. Install new switch boards, and check that all electrical wiring and outlets are up to code.

While some of these will require you to hire professional help, there are many small things that you can fix on your own – for example, your door bell, lights, garden sprinkler etc.



That’s it – these are some of the easiest ways to increase the curb appeal of your house, and its overall value.

Top 5 Most Durable Mattresses and How to Pick the Best One for You

When shopping for a new mattress, it’s wise to take your time and narrow down your options to those that will be the most durable and long lasting. By doing so, you can avoid a lot of headaches down the road (think: no need to fix a sagging mattress that no longer provides adequate support and comfort). 

Knowing what to look for in a mattress can be tough, especially since there are so many manufacturers out there, all claiming to give you the best mattress that will last the longest amount of time. That’s why we’ve compiled a short guide on mattress durability, and we’ve listed a few of our top picks that are worth considering when you’re ready to make a purchase. 

How to Choose a Durable Mattress

Different types of mattresses offer different sets of benefits. But, when it comes to durability, some are better than others. 

Whether you’re shopping for an innerspring mattress, a latex mattress, or a foam mattress, it’s a good idea to ask about the density of the materials. That simple feature can give you a clearer idea of just how durable the product will be and low long it can continue giving you the support and comfort you expect. 

Here’s the basic breakdown on durability for various types of mattresses:

  • Innerspring mattresses aren’t usually the most highly recommended option when it comes to durability because they tend to develop indentations and they usually end up sagging. Plus, coils also often come loose, causing uncomfortable bumps and poking. However, these mattresses might last around eight years before they need to be replaced.
  • Foam mattresses are available in polyurethane, reflex, and convoluted options. The more dense a polyurethane or reflex mattress is, the longer it will last. If your mattress starts sagging or you feel like you’re sinking into it, it’s time to replace it. On the other hand, convoluted foam isn’t known for its durability, but if you absolutely want a mattress with this type of foam, make sure it only has one convoluted layer, and be sure the density isn’t lower than 1.8 lbs/ft³, or 2.0 lbs/ft³ if you’re heavyset. 
  • Latex mattresses tend to be highly durable, and natural latex is usually more durable than synthetic latex. Just be aware that softening might occur over time.
  • Memory foam and gel foam mattresses are another good choice if you’re looking for durability. It’s best to aim for a density that’s around 3.5 to 4 lbs/ft³, or 5 lbs/ft³ if you’re heavyset. This type of mattress could last up to 10 years, but if you start to notice lumps, bumps, sagging, or impressions that last longer than they should, it’s time for a replacement. 
  • Hybrid mattresses combine innersprings and foam. Once again, the higher the density, the better. If you have this type of mattress and it’s more than seven years old, it is likely time to replace it, but it’s also time to replace it if you notice indentations, sagging, or changes in comfort. 

5 of the Most Durable Mattresses 

Ready to start shopping for a mattress that will give you the most bang for your buck? Here is our list of some of the most durable options available:

1. Nectar – The Most Durable Memory Foam Mattress

When it comes to durability, the Nectar mattress is expected to last anywhere from six to eight years. The memory foam that is used in this mattress is above average in quality, so that means it won’t succumb to wear and tear as easily or as quickly. And it comes with a forever warranty.

Shop Nectar

2. Awara – The Most Durable Latex Mattress

The hybrid Awara mattress is a good choice because it is organic and VOC-free, and it is made of highly durable natural latex, along with a strong innerspring unit. It’s also great for those who prefer a firmer mattress, as well as those who carry a lot of weight and those who want good motion isolation. Plus, it even comes with a forever warranty, which is always a nice added benefit. 

Shop Awara

3. Avocado – The Most Durable Hybrid Mattress

The Avocado is another highly recommended product if you are shopping for an organic, hybrid mattress. It features a 4-inch layer of 100% natural Dunlop latex and an 8-inch innerspring support unit, along with sturdy handles that make it easy to move. With a medium firm feel, it can be an appropriate choice for most shoppers. Also, it comes with a 10-year warranty.

Shop Avocado

4. Saatva – The Most Durable Innerspring Mattress

The Saatva mattress combines individually wrapped coils with spinal support technology and cushioning layers. This is a strong mattress that provides loads of value and is designed to last, as it boasts a base layer that consists of 844 tempered steel springs. And it comes with a 15-year warranty for additional peace of mind. 

Shop Saatva

5. Helix Nightfall – The Best Mattress for Heavier People

Do you weigh 200 pounds or more? Or do you and your partner, combined, exceed 400 pounds? Then you’ll want a mattress that is designed with big and tall sleepers in mind. The Helix Nightfall is our top recommendation because it has the highest possible density memory foam (3.75 and 4.0 lbs/ft³), along with reinforced pocketed coils. This helps prevent sinkage while providing plenty of comfort and support. Plus, it comes with a 10-year warranty. 

Shop Helix

Shopping for a Durable Mattress Doesn’t Have to Be a Chore

Mattresses are pricey, so you don’t want to have to buy them too often. Knowing what to look for, and browsing the most durable products on the market before deciding on the ideal one for you, is in your best interest. The list of mattresses above can help steer you in the right direction, based on the type of materials that you would prefer. 

With so many long-lasting, and surprisingly affordable options, you’re sure to find the perfect mattress that will allow you to get a good night’s sleep for a long time to come—without ever needing to spend time or money fixing it yourself! 

10 Easy DIY Hacks To Organize Your Home

Picture this: you come home after a long day, and you just don’t have the strength to organize your dressing table, or clean your kitchen – sounds familiar doesn’t it?

Well, it’s a common problem that almost all of us face. 

But here’s a secret – organizing your home, and keeping it that way, is not as difficult as it sounds. You just need to have a system in place, and follow it religiously.

We have come up with these 10 amazingly simple DIY hacks that are guaranteed to make your life easy. 

1 – Start Labeling 

Labeling your jars and packs is one of the most basic, and easiest ways of organizing your kitchen. Think about it, you won’t have to open every jar to smell which spices are in there. 

Similarly, labeling bags in your freezer, and writing the expiry dates on them will allow you to quickly pull out items that you need while cooking. This helps you avoid the hassle having to open each bag to find the right meat/vegetables for your dish. 

Source: Flickr

2 – Wooden Boards

A piece of wood from your backyard or basement will not only add some much needed flair to your wall, but it is also a great way to hang your scarves, and coats. 

Paint the wood a bright color, or match it with the wall – it’s really up to you.

Source: Flickr 

3 – Cardboard As Dividers 

Here’s a brilliant idea – use a cardboard box as a divider, and store all your bottles the right way. This will keep them from rolling around in your cupboard, and breaking as a result.

Source: Pixnio

4 – Shoe Organizers For Anything

Shoe organizers have ample amount of space to store things; they can also be conveniently nailed to the back of your bathroom door to save space. 

You don’t have to only store shoes in these handy organizers – consider sorting out your socks, perfumes, makeup, etc. into different compartments. 

5 – Drink Cans As Holders

Revive your inner artist with this simple DIY method; take an empty can, cut it from the top, put on some paper or paint, and it is ready to be used as a pen/pencil holder. 

You can also use food cans, and even empty tissue boxes and rolls, for this. Isn’t this easy and creative? 

Source: Pixabay

6 – Utilize Space Under The Stairs For Storage

The most underutilized space in your house is under the stairs – use this empty space by making shelves and drawers, and store your things in it.

From clothes to quilts, and arts and craft supplies, this is the place to keep your stuff organized. 

Source: Wikimedia Commons

7 – Paint Your Keys 

When you have a bunch of keys, it is frustrating to riffle through each one before you can open your house.

To avoid wasting your time, or panicking when it comes to unlocking a door, paint your keys with different color nail polishes. 

8 – Crates As Bookshelf 

How about wooden crates as a bookshelf? Instead of buying a shelf, stack empty crates together, vertically and horizontally. 

The color of wood itself looks classy –  but if you want, you can stain the wood with your favorite paint, screw the crates together, and your DIY shelf is ready! 

9 – Teapot As Vase

Most of us have beautiful teapots gathering dust on our shelves – and here’s a great idea to put them to use.

Use an old teapot as a flower vase, and place it in any room where you want to add an instant pop of color. 

10 – Curtain Tiebacks 

If you have necklaces that you do not wear anymore, turn them into curtain tiebacks. 

Rhinestones, pearls, and beads can all be used to add a certain amount of elegance to your plain old curtains.


These are some of the easiest DIY hacks to organize your home without stretching your budget, or spending too much time on the project!