Expert Moderators

Takeoff Tuesday

In this week’s Takeoff Tuesday, we’re excited to announce a new feature for our level 3 experts.

Expert Moderators

On occasion when folks ask their product related questions on Fixya, the product or category assigned to their question is incorrect. This can result in their question not receiving an answer as quickly as possible since the question is not directed to the most relevant category experts.

Starting today, if you’re a level 3 expert you have been given the ability to help moderate and re-categorize these types of questions and get them in front of the right experts who can help.

Moderate Icon

While answering questions you will notice a new “moderate” icon right beneath the question area. A small shield will be displayed and will give you the ability to moderate a question that appears in the wrong category or that is assigned to the wrong product.

Moderate Modal

Just click the icon and in the window that appears, type and select the correct category or product and click Update. The question will then be correctly categorized or assigned to the correct product. This also allows the question to be placed in front of the correct experts.

We’re excited about these new features and strongly feel this will help misplaced questions find the right experts and get answered. We hope you will find these new features helpful and as always, if you have any questions or feedback let us know.

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