Testimonial of the Week – Nov 4

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FixYa user Kate G. could not figure out why her Singer 2950 sewing machine was stitching only one side a of a buttonhole and not reversing properly to finish the job.

Luckily, FixYa has many many sewing machine related solutions and experts to help solve the most riddling of problems.

In this particular case, FixYa expert Tally Girl not only provided a solution, but also recommended to Kate G the best place to find the user manual for her exact model of sewing machine.

Problem solved and now Kate G can continue working on the buttons. Before she continued with her work she left a great testimonial:

Thank you so much! I actually found out (quite by mistake) exactly what you have shared–on this site. What a helpful site. The lever had not been pulled down all the way. It seems to have two “stops” and when I pulled it all the way down to the second stop, all was well. Thank you again!”

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