Testimonial of the Week – October 7

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While last week’s Testimonial of the Week highlighted the great assistance a novice DIY-er can find on FixYa, this week’s shows that even a seasoned professional can receive valuable help from FixYa’s fabulous Experts.

Ricky G, who’s no stranger to car repair, could see that his 1985 Jeep 2.5L had power to the coil but it still wouldn’t start. Expert Jeff T, aka jurcotte, who has a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering and an extensive history of performing his own repairs, responded quickly with a recommendation and a wiring diagram. Over the next couple of days, Ricky and Jeff exchanged comments, troubleshooting the problem and narrowing down the potential causes.

They eventually discovered that, despite being new, the ignition module was bad and needed to be replaced. A quick switch later, and the Jeep went “varrrrrooooom,” as Ricky posted excitedly.

Ricky G. was psyched to get to work with a fellow technician on this puzzle, saying “Jeff I really thank you for helping me with this, I do this for a living and this has me stumped, THANK YOU.” It’s great to see that FixYa’s Experts can help everyone from novices to industry pros.

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