Testimonial of the Week – September 30

testimonials 2We’re kicking off our new Testimonial of the Week feature with a great Testimonial that was posted earlier today.

FixYa user Ron W was looking for the firing order for his 1992 Chevy Corsica 6 cylinder and was delighted when Expert Jeremy W, also known as airjer995, was able to give him the correct firing order and a clear explanation of how to identify the cylinders.

Ron left a Testimonial thanking Jeremy, saying:

“I am completely lost when it comes to working on my car! It sat in my driveway for two days, unmovable. I posted my plea for help, went to bed and when I woke up I checked your site and wa la, there was my solution. 15 minutes later my car is running like it’s brand new!! Thanks guys.”

It’s really awesome to see how happy people are when they receive help from FixYa’s Experts. We applaud Jeremy for his fast and accurate advice and thank Ron for leaving such great feedback.

Check FixYa’s blog for more featured Testimonials each Friday!

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