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So what’s the best way to find a solution? (Part 1: search navigation)

Thanks to our growing popularity, FixYa now stores a huge database of technical questions and answers. This increases the chances of finding a solution for your problem in prior posts.
The best way to find those tips is by using FixYa’s search tool.

Here’s an example:

Let’s say you are into music and you’ve purchased a Sandisk Sansa M230 player which suddenly turns off right after you turn it on.

Sounds frustrating huh?! No worries, you are about to enjoy your music again in just a few minutes.

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We will FixYa!

As a living, breathing, constantly fixing social website, we figured it’s about time we open the door and share our thoughts and ideas with our dedicated community.

We will FixYa – our blog, is going to be that gateway.

We’re awfully proud at what Fixya has become- the largest online tech support community website, and we hope that by communicating directly through this blog we can help you make it even better.

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