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So what’s the best way to find a solution? (Part 2: Browse The Site)

I like using search tools, I really do. But sometimes when I don’t know the exact term to use I prefer browsing through the site. Due to the huge amount of products in FixYa‘s catalogue browsing the site might seem a difficult task but it’s really easy and intuitive.

Here’s an example of how to use it:

Let’s say your xbox stopped working and is showing 3 red lights (aka red rings of death) and you want to find a solution.

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FixYa has been Tagged

Tags have taken over the internet and it was just a matter of time before FixYa joins the party.

Tags help organize and classify information in a flexible manner based on associations.

From now on when you enter a thread, you will be able to see related tags allowing you to continue your search for solutions by a single click on related term.

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New Feature – Find a Solution

Sometimes the best solutions for a certain probem can be found in different products, even across different brands.

That’s why we’ve just launched the new solution finder tool simply called “Find a solution“. “Find a solution” allows you to look for help by typing keywords related to your problem.

Our enhanced search algorithm will try to locate the most relevant threads in our database, presenting you with a list of Questions and Answers, a short preview and the Brand and product this thread was originally asked for.

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