New Feature – Find a Solution

Sometimes the best solutions for a certain probem can be found in different products, even across different brands.

That’s why we’ve just launched the new solution finder tool simply called “Find a solution“. “Find a solution” allows you to look for help by typing keywords related to your problem.

Our enhanced search algorithm will try to locate the most relevant threads in our database, presenting you with a list of Questions and Answers, a short preview and the Brand and product this thread was originally asked for.

Clicking on the most relevant post will lead you into the thread itself.

If you still can’t find the solution in the thread simply click on the back button and pick another one.
To use the “Find a solution” feature simply click the radio button under the search box (see below). To search by product (default option) just check back the “Find a product” button.

Find a solution search box

And the top results page looks like this:

Find a solution results page

As always we are eager to hear your thoughts either through the blog or our support email.

One Comment

  1. Gadgeteer says:

    Great feature, it makes it so much easier to find solutions on
    Keep on the good work!