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New “Ask Me” Feature

Ask Me!  Ask Me!

If you haven’t had a chance to check it out yet we made some changes over the weekend. In particular we have added the ability to ask an expert directly. While it isn’t limited to just the experts it does come in handy when you are trying to solve a problem.

In my case I was having some trouble with my Nintendo Wii and instantly began searching the usual discussion boards and forums that fellow gamers chat on to see if they had run in to anything similar.

Unfortunately I didn’t have any luck and I turned to FixYa where I would surely find an answer. I have read a lot of helpful solutions and wanted to see if anybody else had the same problem with a wireless connection on their console. After a quick search I found that Figaro 1974 (link: experienced a similar issue(link:, however, they were not working off a wireless router. Kpenguin’s (link: answer was extremely helpful, but since my situation was a little different I wanted to see if he had any other suggestions.

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How else you can use FixYa…

FixYa is a wonderful place for those of you owning a gadget looking for ways to operate it. But FixYa is also a great service for ones with intention of purchasing a new product.
Using the information in the site it’s easy to find how prone the product is to cause problems and what difficulties you may encounter when operating it.

Let’s take Digital cameras as an example.

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