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Award-Winning Service

kel1guy2002 smThe men and women who provide support on FixYa are some of the most talented and dedicated people you’ll ever meet, and many have been recognized throughout their lives for their excellence. One of the new additions to the FixYa Team stands out, even among his highly-decorated peers, for his exceptional number of awards and commendations.

Kel1guy2002, otherwise known as Kelly, was born in Creston, Iowa. His father worked alongside Kelly’s grandfather in his shop, ‘Brown’s Garage’. Kelly joined his father and grandfather in the shop around age 6, acquiring new knowledge and experience every day. By age 8, Kelly was repairing lawn mowers, learning to weld, and driving tractors around his grandfather’s farm. At 10, he built his own mini-bike, soon to be followed by a go-kart and several other projects he refers to as “experimental”.

When Kelly graduated from high school, he went to work as a welder for the Lenox Division of Hoover Ball Bearing Tote Systems. There he redesigned the construction methods of several fertilizer sprayer tanks, increasing production from 3 to 10 tanks a day and earning Kelly his first professional recognition as a ‘Top Welder’ for Tote Systems.

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