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Win a New iPad in the New Year!

The holiday season is one of the busiest times for FixYa, and the New Year brings lots of customers to our site. People need help setting up computers, switching to new cell phones, and figuring out how to use all of their Christmas presents. We want to reward the Experts who step up to provide great assistance to these users, so we’re going to be holding an iPad Raffle and issuing entries based on Premium participation.

Not a Premium Expert? There’s still time!
Even if you aren’t currently a Premium or Premium Phone Support Expert, there’s still time to win! Earn a Category Expert Badge and then apply via your My Account page to gain access to the Premium Support system and/or Premium Phone Support system.

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Make the Season Merrier with a New iPad

December smIt’s the season of giving, and FixYa’s going to be giving one lucky Expert a brand new iPad! Three Experts have already won- logosc75, shark2th667, and goeffreyh, and YOU could be next!

All you need to do is become an Expert, if you aren’t one already, and start providing assistance on FixYa! If you provide really great assistance, the people you help will leave you Testimonials. You’ll receive one raffle entry for each Testimonial you receive. The more people you help, the more chances you can have to win!

At the end of December, FixYa will hold its iPad raffle, and one Expert will receive this extra special holiday gift. The winning Expert will be reviewed to ensure that they’ve been providing high quality assistance. If the winner is deemed ineligible, a second raffle will be held.

The holiday season is always hopping at FixYa, and we hope that the opportunity to earn a new iPad will make helping people even better! Start helping people now.

Will YOU be FixYa’s Next iPad Winner?

iPad smallFixYa has already given away two brand new iPads, to Experts logosc75 and shark2th667, and you could be the next big winner!

As announced in the Experts Lounge, FixYa’s Experts will get one raffle entry for each Testimonial they earn during the month of November. Each time you post a free solution, you have the chance of earning a Testimonial! Askers give Testimonials when they receive great solutions, so check out this Tip on how to create praise-worthy solutions.

At the end of November, we’ll hold a drawing and one lucky Expert will win an awesome new iPad. The winning Expert will be reviewed to ensure that they’ve been providing quality assistance and that their Testimonials were legitimately earned.

Earning a chance to win for each solution you post is yet another reason to help people now!

Toyota’s Mortifying Milestone

10.20.10 Toyota RecallAs sick as we are of writing about car recalls, and particularly Toyota recalls, this one is notable. Mainly because today’s recall of 1.53 million cars and trucks pushes Toyota past the 5 million recall mark. This embarrassing milestone comes as the result of a flaw linked to brake-fluid leaks, and affects Avalon sedans, Highlander SUVs, and the Lexus GS 300, IS 250, and IS 350.

If the 5.4 million cars recalled in the US this year weren’t enough of a black eye, Toyota has also crossed the 10 million mark for cars recalled globally. It begs the question- how many Toyotas are left on the road? According to an announcement in January, Toyota had plans to sell some 8.27 million vehicles worldwide in 2010. With 8.27 million new cars produced and over 10 million that have currently been recalled, well, things are not looking good for the automaker that once led the industry in safety and reliability. While their stock hasn’t plummeted, consumer confidence surely has.

FixYa’s Second iPad Raffle – Anyone Can Win!

iPadEarly this month, FixYa had the pleasure of surprising one of our Experts, logosc75, with a brand new iPad. This month we’re having a new raffle, and it’s anyone’s game!

As announced in the Experts’ Lounge, our Experts will be receiving one raffle entry for each Testimonial they receive during the month of October. At the end of the month, we’ll have a drawing and another lucky Expert will receive a brand new iPad.

Askers only give Testimonials if they’re truly pleased with the service they’ve received, so make sure to wow them with high-quality, detailed solutions. Check out this Tip for guidelines on how to provide top-notch assistance. FixYa staff will be auditing the winner to ensure that they’ve been providing quality assistance and that their Testimonials were legitimately earned.

Every single free solution has the potential to win you an iPad, so get out there and make sure to put your best foot forward!