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FixYa Mobile is here!

FYMobileSmSay your car started smoking on the way to work and you want to know whether it’s safe to drive home. Or perhaps your computer won’t start up and you need to retrieve that big presentation ASAP. Now the combined expertise of FixYa’s thousands of Experts is at your fingers- wherever, whenever. Just go to www.fixya.com on your mobile phone.

FixYa is psyched to announce the launch of FixYa Mobile! Now you can access FixYa’s amazing library of technical advice from your mobile phone. Search for advice relating to your problem or post a question to our army of Experts. We’re online around the clock, and ready to assist you.

To our Experts: FixYa Mobile is also great for you, enabling you to provide assistance anytime you have some down time. That long line at the bank may be a headache for you, but now you can use that time to help a person resolve something that’s troubling them- and it might just make you feel better too!

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