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FixYa Experts Racking Up The New Achievements

It’s been a busy couple weeks for us at FixYa. We rolled out Version 3.0 of our website in mid-December, TechCrunch weighed in with their approval of the new look, and our traffic has been off the hook this holiday season as consumers around the world search for solutions to their product problems.

Not surprisingly, our Experts have been busy using their finely-honed expertise to solve these issues.

And they’ve been racking up the achievements along the way.

For those who are unaware of Achievements, a brief refresher– FixYa has introduced six achievements to the site that are bestowed upon Experts once they reach a specific milestone in their career. These achievements are posted into Expert’s profiles for everyone to see.

Along with providing Experts a badge they can be proud of and share online, it also serves as a measuring stick for askers to utilize upon receiving a solution. If you receive a solution from an Expert who has two or more achievements in their profile, you know that he or she is superbly qualified to diagnose the issue you are currently dealing with.

As of this posting there are 50 total Experts who have received at least one achievement. Dedicated Experts are a common occurrence on FixYa, but sometimes even we are surprised with the passion they have for helping out the community.

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FixYa Version 3.0 Featured in Tech Crunch

FixYa Version 3.0 is here and gaining significant attention from both the media as well as our Experts.

With a focus on revolutionizing the dynamics around how questions are asked and answered, our new website improves the user experience by rewarding Experts for timely solutions and increasing the excitement of helping people around the world solve their product problems.

New features such as achievements, an addicting point system, newly redesigned home page, and a sleek yet intuitive dashboard will appeal to new and old Experts alike. These features, along with the upcoming release of the FixYa online store and an updated Search function, will continue to give back to the Experts that are the lifeblood of our site.

With over 20 million unique visitors visiting FixYa per month it’s easy to see why we’re excited to unveil these new features. But enough information from us– let’s take a look at what TechCrunch had to say last week when they profiled FixYa Version 3.0:

As the focus for FixYa has been on growth, on creating genuine, user-generated content that isn’t mashed, collected, or aggregated, on leveraging first users and building a network effect. Bensadon says that SEO was a significant driver for early traffic, as users with specific product problems looking for quick answers to lens issues on their Asus v90 would pop over to Google search to test the Web for answers, and FixYas results would often appear towards the top.

But, over the last six months, FixYa has turned its focus from scaling and growth to providing a user experience that is more appealing, that allows users to take advantage of the wealth of data the startups has collected over the last few years on products.

Q&A sites can be really hit-or-miss, but with gamification and a new barometer for consumer product issues, the FixYa experience stands to get a lot better. Customer service for consumer electronics has not been “fixed”, by any means, but the site seems to be finding its legs aggregating all of the questions and solutions for popular products out there, and it’s new face could go along way towards making the customer experience enjoyable.

You can read the full article from Tech Crunch here.

Five Popular Holiday Gift Problems And Solutions

Many people will be receiving gifts this holiday season as family and friends come together to celebrate all of life’s simple pleasures. But after presents have been unwrapped, holiday ham devoured, and eggnog downed at a feverish pace (don’t drink it all at once!), the grim reality of the holiday season eventually sets in– a lot of products have problems.

That new camera you received from grandma? Faulty lens. That Roku device you gave your kids? Can’t log in. And what about that iPhone 4s you purchased for dear ol’ dad? Low battery life. Problems and problems as far as the eye can see.

Luckily for you, FixYa always has the solution.

Below you will find a list of some of this season’s hottest holiday gifts. But most importantly, you will find the solutions to the biggest problems that these devices are experiencing.

iPhone (All Versions): Battery Life Problem

Apple’s iPhone introduced the world to a new and improved smart phone, but battery life has begun to pay the price. Many owners continue to have issues even after the 5.0.1 OS update for the 4s was released. As two Fixya Experts point out however, the iPhone’s battery life can be drastically improved with just a few easy steps.

By going into settings and turning off location tracking, disabling data fetch/notifications, reducing screen brightness, turning Bluetooth off, and employing over 20 other quick and simple fixes you will see your iPhone battery life increase in no time. The full record of tips and tricks can be found here. Give it a read and make sure your iPhone’s battery lasts as long as it was intended to.

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Sneak Peek into the Upcoming Changes to Our Expert Experience

In the next couple of weeks we are going to launch several major changes that will revolutionize the dynamics around how questions are answered and consequently, the reward experts will be earning for their solutions.

These changes are part of our vision and strategy with the new FixYa site to put our users in the center and provide them with a superb experience and value proposition. As part of that vision, we have decided to make it our objective to hit a 100% Answer rate or in other words allow every asker to get a solution to his question in a timely manner.

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Testimonial of the Week – Nov 4

testimonials 2

FixYa user Kate G. could not figure out why her Singer 2950 sewing machine was stitching only one side a of a buttonhole and not reversing properly to finish the job.

Luckily, FixYa has many many sewing machine related solutions and experts to help solve the most riddling of problems.

In this particular case, FixYa expert Tally Girl not only provided a solution, but also recommended to Kate G the best place to find the user manual for her exact model of sewing machine.

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