Calling all Car Experts!

This month we welcomed individuals with extensive background in the automotive world to our community of experts. Here are some car geeks that have joined us and have attained the rank of Guru.

  • RapidTransit is a veteran automatic transmission rebuilder and installer. RapidTransit has provided 189 solutions with a rating of 86.03%.
  • J_del has provided 188 solutions with a rating of 91.28% in a short time frame. J_del has been building cars for 10+ years and loves what he is doing.
  • Guill is an ASE-certified Technician. Guill has provided 170 solutions with a rating of 89.02%.
  • Pal03246 is a Nissan master technician and ASE-certified. With a rating of 89.69% , Pal03246 has provided 137 solutions.
  • Emmissionwiz has been repairing Ford and GM lines for 30 years now. Emissionwix has provided 140 solutions with a rating of 87.73%.

With the word about the Fixya service spreading, we get thousands of car questions every day. We want to invite all those who are passionate about cars and fixing cars to join Fixya to help others, and earn some cash while doing so. Sign up here!

Or if you know someone who would be a great car expert on Fixya, please e-mail their contact info to Alex, our Community Manager [email protected].


[Update on August 5, 2008]

We would also like to recognize fixincars for his contribution at FixYa. Fixincars is ASE Certified with L-1 diag, Cert. and has been fixing cars for 19 years.


  1. Randy Harkins says:

    fixincars has been a diagnostic tech for about 19 years owned a diagnostic / repair facility for 14 yearsFixed some of the toughest ones out there

  2. fixincars says:

    I see so many posts where someone just changed part after part, NO I realize you do not have diagnostic equipemnt at the house and going to the shop is a bit pricey, but that is why I am here I test first then if it needs a part that I can confirm bad I change it and retest,
    Fuel Filters, they must be changed EVERY 15,000 Miles and forget those oil changes oil changes will do NOTHING for the way your car runs but the fuel filter will di you know that a Jeep Gran Cherokee Fuel pump Job is $1000, and that is not at the dealer. Never let the gas get belor 1/8 tank condensation builds up in the tank and the fuel pump is exposed allowing it to overheat, the fuel covering the fuel pump in the tank actually COOLS THE FUEL PUMP and extends its lifespan. So if you are guilty of these things change and kep your car running remember the things you depend on your car to do for you so do something for your car and take care of it and that does not mean oil changes but fuel filter changes, fule injection cleaning (professional pressure cleanings)Fcctory Plugs and wire but only when your vehicle exibits a need for them and thecheck engine light is NOT NOT NOT a tune up or oil change reminder light its and emissions light and says something that affects the cars ability to pass an emsssions test or its evaporative emissions system that keeps fuel vapors from going into the air has failed and needs repaired thats all no more yes if the check engine light comes on and the car is jerking and missing the ignition system is hot doing its job of effectivly burning the fuel and is causing a misfire and unburned fuel which causes a rise in tailpipe emissions see its all related to emissions.

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