FixYa’s iPhone App a huge hit with users and media

Last week we unveiled our brand new iPhone app, an experience tailored just for you. The official press release with all the details can be found by clicking here.

You can download the app from the app store by visiting here.

User experience is extremely important to us. We know that you are accessing FixYa on your mobile device more and more every single day. It only makes sense to go where you currently are, and be where you are going more often.

That’s why this release was so important to us– the FixYa iPhone app not only gives you a sleek experience filled with all the simple functionality you’ve come to know and love, it allows you to show our Experts what is wrong with your product. This simplifies things greatly and makes communicating your problem as simple as a flick of a button.

In turn, our Experts are able to show you how to fix your problem instead of explaining it to you. Reading things like “pull off the stop tube, remove the retaining clip, and take out the handle washer” may seem like a foreign language to people trying to fix a leaky showerhead, but seeing that in action with a FixYa video is as universal a language as they come.

It also doesn’t hurt when people say nice things about your product. Did we mention we got some sweet press coverage as well?

But before you read, make sure to go to the app store and download the FixYa iPhone app and see what everyone is so excited about.


They Published:Troubleshooting Q&A Platform FixYa’s New iOS App Allows You To Record And Post Videos Of Product Issues

They Said: “In the new iOS app, you can choose the product category from 36 general groupings, shoot a video from your smartphone explaining the issue, and receive a response from a FixYa expert on how to solve the issue. FixYa’s product categories span from cell phones, to coffee makers, and from cars to motherboards.”

They Published: FixYa Allows You to Post Videos and Ask Repair Questions from Your iPhone

They Said: “The handy thing with the mobile app is that you can actually film your problem to provide more insight into what the problem is. This means you no longer have to try and describe that awful whirling noise followed by a cough from you car, or where you coffee maker is shooting water out of. From the mobile app you can ask a question and post a video, answer questions, and search for help for any problem. It’s simple to use, and makes hunting for a help a bit easier.”

They Published: FixYa releases iOS app for users to record their DIY issues in video clips to find help

They Said: “Having a mobile video app nearby when things go wrong could be pretty handy. You’re not at home when something happens to your car most of the time and if things do go wrong where you live, you might not have time to boot up your PC. As we rely upon mobile devices more and more to help with our daily needs, it’s not surprising that it should become a tool for DIY when we need a little advice.”

They Published:FixYa’s new iPhone app lets you ask repair questions on video

They Said: “The app lets users record short videos about the issues they are having with various devices – and experts respond on video as well. The new video feature represents a big step into mobile for FixYa, and foreshadows an interesting monetization strategy.”

They Published: New iPhone apps worth downloading: Camera+ for iPad, FixYa, Trick Shots

They Said: “The FixYa community is 25 million people strong, so there are going to be a lot of happy folks downloading this app. The ability to post videos from your iOS device is really handy for people working on large objects (like cars) who might be away from a Wi-Fi connection or laptop.”


Interested? Download FixYa’s free iPhone app today by clicking here!

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