ZJ Limited earns FixYa’s Expert of the Month

FixYa is proud to congratulate ZJ Limited on earning FixYa Expert of the Month honors.

A FixYa Expert for over three years, ZJ Limited constantly delivers top-quality solutions to users in need. His wealth of experience plays a huge role in his ability to solve problems—ZJ Limited is well-versed in how to fix cars, providing solutions for various makes and models since he began answering problems on the site.

He is the trusty neighborhood mechanic you always seek out when there is an issue with your vehicle, as his willingness to walk you through each step of the process makes getting your car up and running a simple process.

With over 17,000 solutions and 55,024 points on his resume, ZJ Limited’s relationship with 25 million monthly users of FixYa is one that makes the site hum. Users know and understand that when they see one of their product problems solved by ZJ Limited they are well on their way to getting a quick and reliable fix.

As mentioned above, his true specialty is helping fix vehicles. As of this posting ZJ Limited has 13,031 solutions in FixYa’s Cars & Trucks category, holding numerous top expert honors for various makes and models.

Other notable areas of expertise are as follows:

  • Cellular Phones – 4036 solutions
  • Motherboards – 1701 solutions
  • PC Desktops – 1291 solutions
  • PC Laptops – 8422 solutions
  • Printers – 2588 solutions
  • Routers – 1956 solutions

If you have a question about a product in one of these categories, rest assured FixYa fanatics– you are in excellent hands.

Congratulations again to ZJ Limited on earning Expert of the Month honors.

Think you have what it takes to be FixYa’s Expert of the Month? Send an email to support-at-fixya-dot-com with your username and have a chance to win a gift from the brand new FixYa point shop!

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  1. Jose Figueroa says:

    Thank you for this mention. It is always good to know that we share information and experience is useful for someone.

    Better yet, know that when someone has a question, there is a site like FixYa, where can consult and get the solution.