Help FixYa Win Mashable’s Open Web Awards

Recycling ads have always stressed the point, “garbage doesn’t just go away.” What they don’t say is that most garbage turns into a mountain of unsightly obsoletion. We live in a city where there isn’t enough housing, and yet everyday on my commute I pass by almost an acre of garbage at the SF dump.

FixYa’s community of 9M is dedicated to keeping broken gadgets, appliances and electronics from piling up at these dumps and landfills. We aren’t just a How-To site. We’re learning, growing AND green. We’ve got a great shot at winning Mashable’s Open Web Awards.

Vote below, convince your friends to vote and add the code to embed our widget in your blog.

Mashable has a huge tech and gadget-savvy audience. We need them to help spread the DIY/repair revolution.

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