Getting a Fix on Your Future

fixya globe smAfter 30 years in the computer industry, Abrsvcs has seen it all. From punch card computing to top of the line AV equipment, this Expert is ready to put his vast experience to work for you. And after contributing 1753 solutions, he’s even become something of a mind reader.

Q: Tell us about yourself:
A: I have a background working with computers in a support role. I am primarily a diagnostician. I cannot create anything worth a darn, but give me something that doesn’t work and I’ll “fixit”. A college of mine and I adopted the saying seen occasionally on T-shirts: “By definition, if I can’t fix it, it ain’t broke!!”

In detail, I have 30 years of computer work behind me from punch cards and paper tape to modern PCs. I have taught college courses in programming and supported academic computer centers. Most of my work has been at the architecture and assembler level. In other words, at the machine code level. I have taught computer performance and have done performance modeling too. While pursuing this as a full time job, I had my own electronics repair business on the side providing repair services for 10 dealers. Currently I work for an AV rental company testing and repairing broadcast level equipment. While interesting and always fun, sometimes working on gear worth 100K or more gets a bit nerve-wracking.

Q: What are your areas of expertise and how did you come to be involved with them?
A: My father was an electronics tech before he contracted MS and was sidelined. I think I got my interest in technology from him.

Q: What are your hobbies?
A: I own a sound company as well and provide sound reinforcement for the local school system. I have had the pleasure (for the most part) of providing sound services for some Hollywood stars as well.

Q: What first brought you to FixYa? When?
A: This site was recommended to me after involvement with a couple of other sites that provide similar services in a different format.

Q: What is the FixYa answer you are most proud of?
A: I’m not sure of any one in particular, but I have had a few where I nailed a problem and its solution. Having done this for so long, sometimes I feel like Carnac the Magnificent from the Johnny Carson show: “I can name that problem in two symptoms…”

Q: What advice do you have for those asking questions?
A: Be patient with the experts. We can’t see the problem. The more specific info you can give, the higher the probability that we can provide a real solution.

Q: What advice do you have for experts?
A: Answer the question that the asker may not really be able to ask. This is something I learned while teaching. Quite often, the asker doesn’t know enough to ask the right question. Guide the asker into providing the info you need to respond with a real solution.

Q: What new features would you like to see FixYa roll out?
A: We need to find a way to qualify the Experts such that the askers are not inundated with BS solutions that have no connection to the problem at hand. Also, a way to allow/track follow-up questions would be nice.

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