Join Our “Official Support Personnel” Plan

Are you a professional support personnel working for one of FixYa’s featured brands?
We would like to offer you to join our company employee experts community. This distinct group of experts are identified as official employees and are given a “Staff” Ribbon.
This Ribbon will be shown on each of the solutions provided by these experts as well as on their profile pages. In addition each employee solutions will carry a title which stats that the solution was provided by a manufacturer staff.

Joining as a company expert is a unique opportunity to:
1. Increase customer’s satisfication and loyalty with your brand.
2. Gain an understanding of your customers problems and concerns.
3. Identifiy yourself as a true expert in the field.

Sounds interesting? Here’s how to join (we’ll use Sony as an example).
1. Get to the Brand page (either by searching for it or browsing in the site) such as
2. You’ll notice that on the right corner a “DO YOU WORK FOR SONY?” banner. Clicking on it will get you to the explanation page.
3. Moving forwards you’ll be asked to fill details which will allow us to add you to the program.

That’s it. From here on our staff will confirm your registration and in no time you’ll be able to present solutions as an employee.

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