New Features: My Work Queue & Additional Information

We’ve just added 2 new working tools for our experts. These features have been requested for quite some time and we hope they will provide a smoother and more convenient working environment.

My Work Queue
This feature will allow experts to go over the various problems and choose the ones they would like to answer later on.

When you’re ready to answer the questions just go to “Share Your Expertise” and easily find all the problems you’ve tagged.


Additional information
The long awaited feature is finally here. Use this feature to ask for additional information without risking a bad rating.
When you want to ask the member for more information about the problem – simply use the select box in the thread to choose “post a request for additional information”
The select box is located above the solution text box and is set by default to: “Post a Suggested Solution”. To use the new feature simply select “Post a request for additional information” and click on post.

One Comment

  1. Bill Bellomy (WildBill49) says:

    I like it, but how do I clear an item from the queue when my clarification request goes ignored?