Which Top Fitness Bands Work Out Best?

Fixya Fitness Band Report

Report from consumer Q&A destination Fixya finds beginners loving the waterproof Fitbit Flex and appreciating the strong online community rewards of the Nike+ Fuelband, while fitness buffs are disappointed with the new Jawbone UP battery but loving the BodyMedia FIT LINK and the Basis B1.

Today Fixya, the leading product Q&A destination on the web and mobile, announces the release of a new report comparing top consumer issues across the most popular fitness bands. The Fixya Fitness Band Report covers the best fitness wearables including the Fitbit Flex, the Nike+ Fuelband, the Jawbone UP, the BodyMedia FIT LINK, and the Basis B1. Fixya’s Fitness Band Report pits these market-leading devices against each other, basing its findings on thousands of troubleshooting requests posted by consumers through its product Q&A site and iOS mobile app.

To see the full Fixya Fitness Band Report please visit: https://blog.fixya.com/pr/aug2013/fitness-band-report.html

Fixya’s newest report reveals the biggest problems with the top fitness bands on the market as well as the best fixes and troubleshooting advice for sidestepping these problems. Fixya has also given each band an award based on its strengths and specific market appeal. The awards are as follows:

  • Best Overall: Basis B1
  • Best for Beginners: Fitbit Flex
  • Best Online Community: Nike+ FuelBand
  • Most Comprehensive Data: BodyMedia FIT LINK
  • Most Frustrating: Jawbone UP

Below are the major trends found within the Fixya Fitness Band Report:

  • The Fitbit Flex is one of the early leaders in wireless fitness band technology, and Fixya recommends the Flex for beginners due to its simplicity in tracking steps taken, calories burned, and sleep patterns (including a silent alarm) – all packaged in a sleek and small band design. Did we mention it was waterproof?
  • If you are someone who likes to publicly share your fitness records, or needs motivation and support from others – the Nike+ Fuelband is just the band for you, with a strong online community and gamification of trophies, goals, and achievements. However, it’s also important to note that there is a tendency for insufficient data, and a lack of manual data entry makes this model a no-go for the true exercise aficionado or data buff.
  • After a rocky original release that resulted in a no questions asked return policy, the new Jawbone UP hoped to remedy its renowned battery issues with its newer model. Some on Fixya are saying it has the best battery life on the market now, while others have been experiencing similar battery problems around the three month mark which is one of a number of hardware problems that seems to plague the UP.
  • Fixya users found the Basis B1 to be the overall best fitness band on the market (it event measures perspiration), and also liked the sleek ‘accessory’ look of the Basis, which has been one of the companies goals from the start.
  • Fixya users also found the BodyMedia FIT LINK to be a cut above the rest, especially because of its comprehensive data collection. Users were also surprised at the data subscription charge purchase necessary to access the full range of data collected.

By looking at the top issues with each fitness band, the Fixya Fitness Band Report seeks to provide clarity to consumers by highlighting the main troubleshooting trends across these five standout devices.

Below are the top five problems for each device in the Fixya Fitness Band Report, and the percentage of troubleshooting requests that fall into each problem category:

Top 5 Fitbit Flex Issues:

  1. Lack of Altimeter – 25%
  2. Inefficient Data – 25%
  3. Proprietary Charger – 20%
  4. Simple LED Display – 15%
  5. Other – 15%

Top 5 Nike+ FuelBand Issues:

  1. Inefficient Data – 25%
  2. No Manual Data Entry – 20%
  3. No Sleep Features – 20%
  4. Water-Resistant, Not Waterproof – 20%
  5. Other –15%

Top 5 Jawbone UP Issues:

  1. Inconsistent Battery Life – 40%
  2. Requires Replacement – 20%
  3. Syncing Issues – 15%
  4. Proprietary Charger – 15%
  5. Other – 10%

Top 5 Basis B1 Issues:

  1. Heart Rate Data When Exercising – 25%
  2. Wrist Discomfort – 20%
  3. No Food Entry System – 20%
  4. No Wake Up Alarm – 20%
  5. Other – 15%

Top 5 BodyMedia FIT LINK Issues:

  1. Data Subscription – 30%
  2. Water-Resistant, Not Waterproof – 25%
  3. Hard to Sleep with – 20%
  4. Slightly Uncomfortable Around Arm – 15%
  5. Other – 10%

Fixya compiled its latest report and how-to troubleshooting guide by sourcing data from its 30 million users and 15 million product problems and solutions. Those interested in viewing the full report as well as crowd-sourced solutions to each band’s top issues can do so here: https://blog.fixya.com/pr/aug2013/fitness-band-report.html

“With the trend moving towards greater health consciousness over the past few years, and with technology becoming more and more sophisticated, it was just a matter of time before fitness bands exploded in popularity,” said Fixya CEO Yaniv Bensadon. “We realized while making this report that every person is different, especially when it comes to exercise approach, style, and level. That’s why our newest report not only focuses on problems and fixes, but also identifies which fitness band is best for the individual based on their personal goals, whether just a beginner or a body builder.”

Fixya brings consumers the most comprehensive solution database in the world. Fixya’s unique access to crowd-sourced product Q&A from consumers grants the company transparent data that no other service can claim to provide. Fixya’s troubleshooting data comes from real-life consumer experience with products and product problems.

To learn more about Fixya, visit www.fixya.com

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