Takeoff Tuesday: Google + Sign-In, Improved Features and More!

Greetings Fixya fanatics! In this edition of Takeoff Tuesday we will be taking a look at four notable user features that have been released recently.

These four features are for both experts and askers alike and have hopefully improved your time on Fixya by making the site both easier to use as well as improving the aesthetic quality of your experience.

Let us know what you think about these four features by leaving us a comment below!

Google+ Sign-In & Sign-Up

In order to make life easier for as many Fixya users as possible, we have added Google+ sign-in and sign-up to both our site and mobile sites.

This feature provides a hassle-free way for you to use your Fixya account on multiple devices and gives you the ability to seamlessly ask and answer questions on the site.

Improved Ask a Question

Making things as simple as possible for you to post your product question is always a priority of ours. With that in mind, we’ve made the ask a question box at the top of the page as prominent as possible. This gives you the ability to come directly to Fixya and get a solution to your product as quickly as possible.

Another neat feature we’ve improved upon is a smart recognition system for certain questions. If our system recognizes key terms of your question and links that with an answer we already have on site, we will deliver that answer to you and see if it helps solve your question. This both improves our current database of over 10,000,000 million solutions as well as gives you the best possible experience.

Recommended Questions

Another improvement for our Experts, we have improved upon our existing Recommended Questions feature on the site. For Experts who have a long history of answering questions for Fixya users, we are now able to find and recommend questions that are similar to your are of expertise.

Along with giving you the ability to help more people, this feature gives you an even more well-rounded toolbox to expand your areas of expertise.

Improved Answer Page Navigation

Introduced for our hard-working Experts, the improved answer page navigation displays the seven most recent categories each Expert has answered on their main answer page. Along with making the page easier to navigate by displaying easily clickable and intuitive icons on the left side of the page, this feature allows users to locate their most recent categories and improve their experience when answering questions.

Furthermore, Experts can easily access, browse, and edit their own categories to tailor their experience when answering questions. All of these features give Experts the tools they need to work helping people as efficiently as possible.

Have a question about FixYa? How about a suggestion? Email us at support-at-fixya-dot-com and let us know what you think!

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