Will YOU be FixYa’s Next iPad Winner?

iPad smallFixYa has already given away two brand new iPads, to Experts logosc75 and shark2th667, and you could be the next big winner!

As announced in the Experts Lounge, FixYa’s Experts will get one raffle entry for each Testimonial they earn during the month of November. Each time you post a free solution, you have the chance of earning a Testimonial! Askers give Testimonials when they receive great solutions, so check out this Tip on how to create praise-worthy solutions.

At the end of November, we’ll hold a drawing and one lucky Expert will win an awesome new iPad. The winning Expert will be reviewed to ensure that they’ve been providing quality assistance and that their Testimonials were legitimately earned.

Earning a chance to win for each solution you post is yet another reason to help people now!


  1. SpideRaY says:

    Great news, please can I have one too !!!

  2. Tauqeer says:

    This seems awesome to me, I think I’ll go for that……

  3. Silverdragon says:

    I’d like one too.. lol still if wishes were horses beggars would ride?

  4. fayasonline says:

    great, and thanks to the providers for the support

  5. Arnel says:

    I want to have one too. Do i have the chance to have one?

  6. Riztech says:

    What we are all waiting for!!! Start digging techies :D


    Why not? I’ll be happy to win the FixYa’s Next iPad. Let’s do it!

  8. Bobby says:

    Great, hope to get the ipad…let go do it….

  9. &^%007 says: