Win a New iPad in the New Year!

The holiday season is one of the busiest times for FixYa, and the New Year brings lots of customers to our site. People need help setting up computers, switching to new cell phones, and figuring out how to use all of their Christmas presents. We want to reward the Experts who step up to provide great assistance to these users, so we’re going to be holding an iPad Raffle and issuing entries based on Premium participation.

Not a Premium Expert? There’s still time!
Even if you aren’t currently a Premium or Premium Phone Support Expert, there’s still time to win! Earn a Category Expert Badge and then apply via your My Account page to gain access to the Premium Support system and/or Premium Phone Support system.

Earn as many tickets as you can
For the month of January, Experts will be eligible to earn raffle entries for each of the following activities on FixYa:
Provide a successful solution to a Premium (any value other than $2) – 1 entry
Provide a successful solution to a $2 Premium – 2 entries
Provide successful Live Chat assistance – 2 entries
Provide successful Phone Support assistance – 2 entries

A successful session is defined as one where the asker does not reject or refund the assistance, and does not seek support from another Expert. In order to ensure that the winner has been providing high quality assistance, entrants will be required to maintain a 75% accept rate on their rated sessions. FixYa will audit the winning Expert’s account for eligibility. If the Expert is deemed ineligible, another winner will be drawn.

The Premium system already pays, and now there’s one more reason to start helping people!

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