Recap: FixYa’s Founder and CEO Chats with Experts

YanivBig things are happening at FixYa, including the switch to our new site and the launch of the FixYa Marketplace. Last Thursday FixYa’s founder and CEO, Yaniv Bensadon, took some time to chat with Experts about the recent changes and the future of FixYa.

One of the first things Yaniv discussed was the new site. “From day one, FixYa’s vision was to allow any user to find any information on any product,” he says, but acknowledges that vision became secondary as FixYa experimented with other features. Enter the new site, renewing our focus on improving FixYa’s core functionality so that “FixYa continues to grow to its fullest potential.”

Yaniv was quick to reassure Experts that there would be continued improvements and bug fixes in the weeks to come. He explained that it was necessary to complete the switch even though there were some outstanding issues, saying “the fact we are going to launch the site to all users is not an indication it’s perfect. Actually, it’s the opposite. Only by focusing all our attention on the new site we are going to get all these issues fixed (and believe me I see all of them).”

Next Yaniv talked about the new Marketplace, saying that it “will help us do a much better job in delivering the best service at the best price.” He also emphasized that the Marketplace ad display algorithm will help the best performing, most highly rated Pros to climb to the top, but noted that “we need to have lots of service pages in the system before we can see that equilibrium point.”

The Experts were really excited to have this one on one with Yaniv and he enjoyed hearing from the community. Yaniv plans to continue these sessions on a quarterly basis, so stay tuned for the next opportunity to share your questions and feedback with the man who started it all.

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