FixYa’s heatman101 is on Fire!

40kOur most prolific Expert, heatman101, has crossed yet another unprecedented milestone- his 40,000th solution. Joining FixYa in November of 2009, heatman101, whose first name is Floyd, quickly rose through the ranks, becoming a top Expert with 20 Category Expert Badges and 81 Brand Expert Badges.

The tireless HVAC and large appliance Expert then set his sights on FixYa’s Tips, authoring 275 high-quality articles to help consumers. He hasn’t just covered the obvious heating and cooling issues, but has also created helpful tips on everything from nail guns to ice cream makers.

As part of his tips efforts, heatman101 made it his job to become informed on the subject of SEO, search engine optimization. Soaking up knowledge online, he optimized all his tips to ensure that they’d be found by the people who needed them. His Refrigerator Condenser Coil Cleaning tip alone has attracted well over 50,000 views from grateful users.

Floyd says that “The best part is that I get so many positive comments from people, and every now and then get a comment on a solution from long ago. You never know when someone will find a solution and it is exactly what they need.” He also thrives on the knowledge that his new SEO skills have his tips dominating pages from other sites.

Despite all the action he’s generating, Floyd says that helping people and writing tips is a relaxing pastime for him, preferable to watching “some mindless TV show or the boring pundits pontificating about the county’s problems.” That there is the FixYa spirit: finding fulfillment in using your free time to share your knowledge with others.


  1. Thomas Klessig says:

    The cleaning fuild tub of my Baun 360 Complete is full, however, the indicator lite says its empty and the cleaning cycle never begins.
    Any ideas?

  2. Jeannie says:

    Just read the comment about heatman101. I think it’s awesome that you know a lot AND keep on learning AND sharing with others. Can’t beat that! Keep up the good work heatman101.