An Expert with Real Focus

welcomejeesmIf FixYa’s company camera ever breaks, we know exactly who we’re turning to for advice- FixYa’s own camera Guru, welcomejee. Welcomejee is closing out his first year on the site, but his ever-expanding portfolio of over 3400 solutions makes him a seasoned pro. Not to mention the fact that he’s a Sony-authorized repair specialist with training in TV, camera, CD, LD and DVD players, and Hi-Fi audio systems. He’s also experienced with transistor radios and tape recorders, but his favorites remain camcorder, digital camera, and television repair, and he focuses closely on those categories.

The story of how this Expert came to be would sound familiar to the parents of many of those who frequent FixYa. It was welcomejee’s childhood hobby to tear apart the home electronics to see what was inside. Of course, he destroyed many possessions during such “inspections” as he calls them. But these destructive forays led to the formation of a top-notch Expert who has chalked up an amazing 432 FixYas during his time here.

Welcomejee was introduced to FixYa by a friend, who suggested he apply his knowledge on our site. He confesses that he was not serious in the first month, cracking jokes and receiving a few “IAs.” But welcomejee began to take things more seriously, and our users are lucky to reap the benefits of his dedication. When asked about his favorite answer on FixYa, he humbly replies that he doesn’t have one and that he’s “still trying to provide the best answer.” While that’s a very admirable thought, we would like to highlight a comment left for him after advising a user regarding their defunct camera: “FANTASTIC!! Had it not been for you, I would have binned the camera and bought a new one. Thanks a million you superstar!”

Our sentiments exactly.


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