Driven to Help

collage sm 2While many of our Experts attended technical schools or received on-the-job training to learn their trade, others are self-taught. J_del is one of those Experts who took it upon themselves to learn their craft. He was inspired to start learning how to work on cars after a service job done by his Nissan dealership resulted in a massive failure. He decided that the money he was spending to have someone else fix his cars would be better spent on tools. From that point on, he read everything he could get his hands on regarding cars and their workings. When something went wrong with one of his vehicles, he just rolled up his sleeve and dug right in. Over the years he gained in knowledge and experience, to the point that he now feels comfortable handling most areas of auto repair and modification. He became such a success that FixYa actually recruited him when an employee saw his exemplary work on another site!

J_del specializes in handling and braking upgrades, electronic installs, and power modifications on Japanese and German cars, especially Audis. He prefers those cars both because they’re what he owns, but also because he feels that they represent the cream of the crop. J_del shares the love of engineering with a group of fellow car enthusiasts, as well as with his children. He has a five year old daughter and a four year old son. His son is already lending a hand with oil changes!

Besides working on cars, J_del works to expose his kids to as many new experiences as possible. He loves reading, movies, surfing the net, and working on and around his house. He also spends a lot of time cleaning the engines of his cars because, as he says, he “can’t do all that work and then let it get dirty!” As you can see above, his efforts have resulted in some of the most pristine and beautiful enginery imaginable.

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