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Time and time again, FixYa is reminded of what a talented, accomplished group of Experts we have on our site. One such example is Loringh. He only joined us this October, but his solutions have already caught the attention of staff with their high quality and interesting content. He solves car problems, home appliance problems, and even math problems! But that’s no surprise coming from someone with such an impressive background.

Loringh started out his adult life in the Navy, as an electronics technician. This gave him the opportunity to spend 3 years in Naples, Italy as a technician at the American Embassy. During this time he learned Italian, which became his primary language for a couple of years. After that he worked on the Apollo spacecraft for Honeywell, spy satellites for Eastman Kodak, and radar and night vision for Texas Instruments. Impressed yet? If not, consider this- after doing all that, he went back to grad school and got certified to teach high school math. Then, in his spare time, he built his own home.

Some of Loringh’s hobbies include duck and pheasant hunting, sailing, online poker, growing roses, and even genealogy research. He lives with his wife and two granddaughters. He recently built them a chicken house because his wife thinks that raising chickens will be a great experience for the girls.

Loringh found out about FixYa when PC Magazine named us as one of their Top 100 Web Sites. His advice for Askers echoes that of many other Experts- “Give some detail!” As for the Experts, he advises them not to jump to conclusions, to be patient, and to ask questions. Smart advice from a smart man.

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